Yingyi Company becomes the world's first recycled food grade polyester bottle factory

The world's first food grade PET bottle/HDPE bottle recycling plant in Dagenham, Essex, UK, officially opened on June 27, 2008. In the first year, the factory can regenerate 35,000 tons of plastic bottles including milk bottles and soft drink bottles, turning them into recycled raw materials for new packaging. The first customers to purchase renewable food grade plastics from the factory were Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer, Nampak Plastics Europe, and Solo Cup Europe. Mr. Chris Dao, general manager of Closed Loop Recycling Company, commented: “Before this, there was no facility to regenerate bottles into plastic food packaging. Now the packaging industry and consumers are looking at recycled plastics with a new eye. They are not. It's waste, it's a precious resource."

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