Why does the electrolyte analyzer fail?

China Education Equipment Purchasing News: Different problems and failures will inevitably occur during the use of the instrument. In addition to frequent maintenance and maintenance, the instrument will find and effectively deal with the problems that occur in the use of the instrument, which is particularly important for the service life of the instrument. It is also a condition to ensure the quality of work.

The instruments we use must be calibrated and quality controlled before use every day. However, it is found that some instruments have deviations in the results of testing specimens. At this time, the instrument is calibrated or calibrated again, and the results will change.

Reasons for analysis: The instrument has been used for too long or turned on for too long, and the components of the instrument can be aged, which can easily cause fatigue of the instrument, resulting in a decline in the stability of the instrument, resulting in drift of the results and affecting the repeatability of the results.

Through the analysis, it is reminded that if some instruments need to be used for a long time, and the calibration cannot be completed every day before the instrument is used, the result will not cause problems. If there is a problem, don't ignore the excessive specimens, continuous use of the instrument, which causes the instrument to be exhausted, and the aging of components will also affect the results to varying degrees, so it cannot reflect the true value well. The appearance of some phenomena is not directly related to instrument maintenance and maintenance. The problem of aging of the components of the instrument is inevitable. When using the E-500 electrolyte analyzer, this problem was confirmed. It should be noted that if the instrument is used for too long and the number of specimens is too large, the number of calibrations should be increased halfway to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. (Chi Chao)

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