Where to buy Lego toys? Where to buy Lego cheap

Where to buy Lego toys ? Where can I buy Lego? Many of my friends’ impressions of LEGO are expensive but hot. Indeed, Lego, the big toy brand that no one knows, everyone wants to have a set of LEGO bricks to play their own interest, not to limit the age, especially many foreign building blocks, and create a lot of artworks with LEGO. But where is the expensive Lego toy to buy cheaper?
Where can I buy Lego? Let's take a look at the small series below!
(1) physical store
Toys R Us has 16 branches in China, and the specific distribution can be queried by itself. The previous curse "Toy R Us will not open in the north" has been broken with the opening of the Beijing store. The advantage of Toys R Us is The new goods are relatively complete, and after the membership card is rushed to the promotion, you can buy good goods at a very low discount. The downside is that it is more difficult to buy LEGO from 1 or 2 years ago. It is worth noting that there is a cottage shop in Toys R Us.
Toy counters in major shopping malls, new and old goods are available, each city is different, the advantage is that you can swipe your shopping card. The disadvantage is that the price is high and outrageous, often appearing much higher than the official guidance price. Shopping malls are not recommended. Occasionally, I will find a treasure. For example, I bought a LEGO creative series with a box that was squashed at the Carrefour of Jinan.
The small shops across the road from Exit B of Yau Ma Tei MTR Station in Hong Kong are not exaggerating to say that you can buy any Lego you want to buy, and there is a children's bookstore next door to Toys R Us in Sha Tin New Town Plaza. The books related to LEGO are very complete.
Where to buy Lego
(2) Online shopping
Almighty Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and Dangdang are also good places to buy LEGO, Taobao is suitable for targeted purchase, because Taobao goods are all and the price is relatively cheap, Lego has no fakes, but pay special attention to the liar, when a price Lego 1000 yuan, the seller said that only 200 yuan or less, do not buy, 5 times less than the official guide price is rare, under the premise of the price, try to be in the Tmall store or sellers with high reputation Shop purchase. Another situation is "killing meat", which is to take apart a certain Lego, some people buy bricks, some people buy people, each has its place. And E-Commerce, Amazon and Dangdang are only worth buying when they are promoting.
Haitao is dominated by the US Amazon, and the German Amazon can also try, supplemented by ebay, suitable for buying second-hand goods or parts. There have been a lot of related strategies, catch up with the promotion, and then calculate the shipping cost.
In short, Lego has no pirated fakes, as long as you identify Lego's LEGO trademark, where to buy it cheaper, you can buy it.

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