What kind of network TV set-top box is good?

With the advent of the Internet era, the television industry has also become the home of IPTV. TV is an essential entertainment appliance for every family. It can watch TV time and get outside information. When dozens of TV stations can't meet people's needs, the traditional TV set-top box becomes a network TV set-top box. What kind of set-top box directly determines the feeling of using the TV, let's take a look at the Internet TV set-top box to buy it:

First, the network environment capabilities
Network TV set-top box, you can see from the words that the first one is the network. Therefore, the ability of a network TV set-top box to acquire the network environment is particularly important. The second step in selecting a network TV set-top box is to check whether the box has multiple network access methods. At present, the performance of most network home routers is relatively poor, and all network interfaces must be provided to ensure the transmission quality and stability of the network.

Second, the fluency of the system
Basically, the system used by the box is Android 4.4. Currently, there is only an Android set-top box, and there is no IOS system or other system box. This test helps you to identify the smoothness of the set-top box. First use the remote control, press up, down, left and right to observe whether the remote control is smooth in terms of movement, whether to open the system folder and system column can be quickly opened, open the software and click [Menu] to quickly close back to the system interface, if No, you have to worry about the performance of the box.
Third, the operation is simple
Now the network set-top box is super-multi-function, and the operation level is very complicated. Just like the cottage phone, the more functions we need are just calling and texting! The same is true. The main purpose of us to buy a network to answer the phone is to watch TV, not "play"! It may be a sin to let parents learn the complicated operations of the Internet TV set-top box. Network set-top boxes are used by the whole family, so it is especially recommended to choose a network set-top box like WEBOX.

Fourth, network access capabilities
The network is a prerequisite for the work of the network set-top box, and the video playback capability that cannot be connected to the network is also empty talk. Network acquisition capability is particularly important. One is to have good shielding performance and the other is to have multiple network access methods. Better to do, such as the Taijie box WEBOX, in addition to the Ethernet interface, also supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI.

Through the above four points, can you identify the quality of the box, specifically what to buy or to start from your needs, more renovation knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration home website.

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