What is the price of a massage chair? How much is a massage chair?

With the continuous improvement of people's living water, people began to pay more attention to physical health, massage chairs have become the first choice for many family leisure. For massage chairs, which are rarely used in homes, people know little about their prices. Many people wonder why the price of massage chairs is? How much is a massage chair? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will make the latest and most professional answers for everyone.

How much is a massage chair?


1 , Panasonic massage chair price:

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA73    ¥ 3582 0

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA02    ¥ 9900

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA01k    ¥ 9980

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA70Kt    ¥ 26800

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA31    ¥ 29800

Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA70    ¥ 2 7 800

2 , Oriental God massage chair price:

Oriental God multi-function household massage chair DF1688F-5A    ¥ 19800

Oriental Shentianyi Massage Chair DF623    ¥ 3980

Oriental God luxury home massage chair DF620A    ¥ 12800

Oriental God multi-function luxury home massage chair DF619    ¥ 7980

Oriental God Electric Massage Chair DF613    ¥ 4580

Oriental God Zero Gravity Massage Chair DF618    ¥ 16800

Space capsule zero gravity luxury massage chair DF7510    ¥ 26800


3 , Rongtai massage chair price:

Rongtai zero gravity music massage chair RT8300    ¥ 15800

Wing Tai intelligent body massage chair RT6291    ¥ 11685

Rongtai zero gravity 3D multifunctional body massage chair RT8600    ¥ 32800

Rongtai Guofeng paragraph multifunction body massage chair RTZ08B    ¥ 7308

Rongtai multifunctional massage chair RT6120A    ¥ 5699

Rongtai home multi-function massage chair A5018    ¥ 3203

Rongtai zero gravity space capsule multifunctional body massage chair RT6900    ¥ 23800

Rongtai high-end music massage chair RT8200    ¥ 16999

Rongtai multifunctional luxury music massage chair RTZ09A    ¥ 11900

Rongtai Music Multifunctional Massage Chair RT6500    ¥ 9999

4 , Alice massage chair price:

Alice Multifunctional Massage Chair A30-10 ¥ 11800

Alice Space Capsule Massage Chair SL-A70 ¥ 13980

艾力斯特电动按摩椅 SL-H100 ¥ 7999

艾力 斯特Airbag electric massage chair SL-A18-3 ¥ 7999

艾力 斯特按摩按摩椅 SL-WA100 ¥ 8999

Alister Smart luxury electric massage chair A27-2 ¥ 23800

Alice luxury intelligent electric massage chair SL-WA200 ¥ 6999

Alice Zero Gravity Massage Chair A27 ¥ 23800

Alice luxury electric massage chair A27-5 ¥ 31800

Ai Lisite multifunctional massage chair A50 ¥ 33999


5 , Rong Kang massage chair price:

Rongkang multifunctional space massage chair RK-7801 ¥ 13800

Rong Kang Rui Zhi 3D intelligent electric massage chair RK-7106 ¥ 32800

Rong Kang household electric massage chair RK-D03 ¥ 7980

Rong Kang zero gravity massage chair RK-7802 ¥ 16800

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