What brand of disinfection cabinet is good, how to maintain and protect

Disinfection cabinet refers to tools for sterilization, disinfection, heat preservation and dehumidification of tableware, tableware, towels, clothing, beauty and hairdressing appliances by means of ultraviolet rays, far infrared rays, high temperature and ozone. What brand of disinfection cabinet is good? Come and follow the editor.


1. Disinfection cabinet should be "dry use"

Disinfection cabinets that use heat sterilization are heated by infrared heating tubes, and the temperature in the cabinet rises to 200 to 300 degrees Celsius to achieve the purpose of disinfection. The electrodes of the infrared heater tube inside are easily oxidized by moisture. If the brushed bowl is still dripping with Water, put it in the disinfection cabinet. The electrical components and metal surfaces inside it are easily oxidized by moisture. Contact resistance appears at the infrared heating tube socket, which is easy to burn out the socket or other components, shortening The service life of the disinfection cabinet.

2. Disinfection cabinet should always be powered on

Disinfection cabinets can replace ordinary cupboards and play a role in cleaning to avoid secondary pollution of clean tableware. However, although the sealing of the disinfection cupboard is better, if the infrared tube inside does not heat for a long time, the humid air in the cabinet is difficult to be discharged in time, and the mold attached to the tableware will still breed and endanger human health. Therefore, do not put tableware with water in the disinfection cabinet without frequent power supply. This will cause moisture and oxidation of electrical components and metal surfaces. Contact resistance is likely to occur at the base of the heating tube, and the tube or other parts are easily burned out. The service life of the disinfection cabinet. Disinfection cupboards should be disinfected with electricity once a day or two, or at least once or twice a week, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and prolong their service life. The tableware should be washed and drained before being put into the disinfection cupboard for disinfection, which can shorten the disinfection time and reduce power consumption.

3. Tableware materials to choose

Disinfection cabinets are not "spiritual cabinets" that can wipe out thousands of poisons. Not all things can be sterilized when put in, and things including some tableware are not suitable for disinfection with disinfection cabinets. Different types of tableware should be sterilized separately, that is, put the tableware that does not withstand high temperature into the low temperature sterilization room, and put the high temperature resistant tableware into the high temperature sterilization room. Generally speaking, plastics and other high temperature resistant tableware cannot be placed in the lower layer high temperature disinfection cabinet, but should be placed in the upper layer ozone disinfection low temperature disinfection cabinet to avoid damage to the tableware. Some colorful dishes should not be sterilized in a disinfection cabinet. Because the glazes and pigments of these ceramic dishes contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, they will easily overflow if exposed to high temperatures. In the working state of the disinfection cabinet, the internal temperature can be as high as 200 degrees Celsius. Frequently placing food in these sterilized colored porcelain can easily contaminate food and endanger health. Tableware such as bowls, dishes, cups, etc. should be placed vertically on the shelf, preferably not stacked, for ventilation and disinfection as soon as possible. Painted utensils should not be sterilized in a high-temperature sterilization cabinet as much as possible because they contain chemical substances. They are in a stable state at normal temperature, and harmful substances may be released at high temperature and endanger human health.

4. Positioning should be scientific

The disinfection cabinet should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not less than 30 cm away from the wall. Do not open the door when it is not necessary during disinfection, so as not to affect the effect. After sterilization, if it is taken after ten minutes, the effect is better.

Unless necessary during the disinfection process, do not open the cabinet door, which affects the disinfection effect and increases power consumption. If it is a high-temperature disinfection cabinet, the temperature inside the cabinet is still high after the disinfection is completed. Generally, it will take 10 to 20 minutes before the cabinet can be opened to fetch. Turn off the power in time or unplug the power plug every time disinfection is completed.

Care and maintenance

1 The disinfection cabinet should be placed horizontally in a dry and ventilated place without debris, and should not be less than 30cm away from the wall.

2 Regularly clean and maintain the disinfection cabinet, pour out and wash the water in the water collection box at the lower end of the cabinet. When cleaning the disinfection cabinet, first unplug the power plug and wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the disinfection cabinet with a clean damp cloth. It is forbidden to rinse the disinfection cabinet with water. If it is too dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in neutral detergent, then cleaned with a clean damp cloth, and finally wiped dry with a dry cloth. When cleaning, be careful not to hit the heating tube or the ozone generator.

3 Always check whether the cabinet door seals are well sealed to avoid heat loss or ozone overflow, which affects the disinfection effect.

4 During use, if it is found that the quartz heating tube does not generate heat, or the "squeak" sound generated by the high-pressure discharge of the ozone generator is not heard, it indicates that the disinfection cabinet has failed, and it should be stopped and sent to the maintenance department for repair.

Purchase knowledge of disinfection cabinet

1. Look at the application. When purchasing a disinfection cabinet, users should consider various factors such as the number of family members and the types of disinfection utensils. If the population is large, you need to buy a large-capacity cabinet.

2. Look at the function. The disinfection cabinet is equipped with various functions such as disinfection, heat preservation, drying, and door opening alarm. The disinfection function of the computer cabinet is the best.

3. See the disinfection effect. The main purpose of purchasing a disinfection cabinet is to disinfect the tableware. But not all disinfection cabinets have disinfection effect? ​​In view of the uneven quality of the disinfection cabinet industry, consumers should pay attention to whether the product has a sanitary inspection report from an authoritative health department when purchasing a product.

4. Look at energy saving. The length of heating time and the stability of its work are directly related to the consumption of electrical energy. Generally speaking, computer disinfection cabinets adopt constant temperature disinfection, and use the best temperature and the shortest time to complete the disinfection process, which fundamentally solves the problem of power saving and can greatly reduce the cost of use.

5. See after-sales service. After-sales service is an extension of product quality assurance. When buying, we must fully consider whether the manufacturer has a perfect after-sales service network and a good service reputation in the region. Many small businesses cannot guarantee after-sales service due to resource constraints.

Relevant information about what brand of disinfection cabinet is good is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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