Under the Light - Four Famous Buddhist Mountains

The reasons for writing this article are, on the one hand, because the great rivers and mountains of the motherland are worth praising. On the other hand, the “Big Four XX” has become popular recently. For example:

China's four major whips: tiger whip, dog whip, bullwhip, small series

Huh? Lying gun_(:з)∠)_

Four major techniques: Japanese Makeup, Korean Cosmetology, Thai Transgender, Chinese PS

Four bad movies, Small Times 1, Small Times 2, Small Times 3, Small Times 4

The four best men, Ximen Qing, Chen Guanxi, Li Zongrui, next door to Lao Wang


So Xiao Bian came to save the style. To introduce you to the four major Buddhist mountains in China. However, today we do not talk about landscapes, do not talk about routes, and only talk about the origins of famous mountains and Buddhism.

Shanxi Wutai Mountain

When we read the Buddhist classics, only Mount Wutai (known as the Qingliang Mountain in the Buddhist scriptures) is clearly recorded in dozens of Buddhist sutras on the land of China.

At the same time, Wutai Mountain is also one of the five major Buddhist holy places recorded in the ancient Buddhist scriptures (China Wutai Mountain, Lumbini Park, Nepal, Luye Garden, India, Bodh Gaya, India, and Kuruyaga, India). It is the largest Buddhist architectural complex in the world. World Buddhist Center of the time.

Wutai Mountain is the only oldest temple in the world where Tang Wuzong killed the Buddha. Every wooden pillar and every brick and tile of clay sculptures and temples before 1300 were full of charm.

Zhejiang Putuo Mountain

Mount Putuo is a small island in the 1390 islands of the Zhoushan Islands. It resembles a dragon lying on the sea and is known as the "Haitian Buddhist State," and the "South Sea Holy Land." With its magic, sacred, and mysterious, it has become a famous tourist destination in China and abroad.

Mount Putuo is the most famous and most spiritual Guanyin temple in the country. Buddhist temples and monasteries are dedicated to Guanyin, regardless of their size. It can be said to be the hometown of Guanyin.

Emei Mountain, Sichuan

Mount Emei is famous for its "male, show, god, strange, and spiritual" and profound Buddhist culture.

Mount Emei is a treasure house of human culture. Its cultural heritage is extremely profound. It is a holy place of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism. It is known as the "Buddhist Paradise," and it is the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Jiuhuashan, Anhui

Jiuhua Mountain, anciently known as the Lingyang Mountain and Jiuzi Mountain, is the Tibetan Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Dojo. Nine peaks resemble a lotus flower, so it is named. There are ninety-nine peaks in a radius of 100 kilometers, and the main peak is Wangwangfeng, which is 1344.4 meters above sea level. The mountain is composed of granite, and the mountain shape is vacant. It is known as the “first mountain in the southeast” and still retains the Qianlong Emperor’s gold plaque. One mountain."

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia, pictures from the network

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