Three creative wallpapers recommended to create a playful children's room

Now many parents attach great importance to the decoration of children's room, so the wallpaper suitable for children's room is very popular. The following editors recommend three typical wallpapers to you, to create a new playful children's room for your children, let's take a look.

Jumping color wallpaper

A small area of ​​jumping colors is conducive to the development of children's brains. Children aged 2-6 years old can be surrounded by different colors, especially bright and jumping colors, which can promote the good development of their vision.

Replace the children's room with a little jumping wallpaper, red, yellow, blue and green, etc. Through the patchwork of these colors, not only can you create a playful and energetic room, but also give your children a good visual environment, which is conducive to stimulating them The visual development, but it should be noted that the bright and jumping colors cannot be used all the time. It is recommended that when the child is 8-10 years old, replace the wallpaper with a calmer color.

Editor recommends:

1. German Axe wallpaper simple modern solid color wallpaper: non-woven fabric bottom foam wallpaper, modern style, 10.05x0.53m

2. Grammy wallpaper 27305: non-woven bottom, uneven surface, pure natural environmental protection material, strong permeability, 10.05x0.53m

Into nature wallpaper

While the children are still young, take them to nature. In addition to allowing them to breathe fresh air, it is more important for them to see the beauty of nature and the beauty of nature.

Many parents often lack time to bring their children closer to nature. In fact, if you want to get close to nature, you do n’t have to go out. Use wallpaper with natural elements, such as blue sky and white clouds, starry sky, grass, fields, etc. The walls can stimulate children's sensitivity to colors and the environment.

Editor recommends:

1. Delfino wallpaper ET191: made of wood fiber non-woven pressing, environmentally friendly water-based ink, 10x0.53m

2. Disney starry constellation wallpaper: paper-based laminating material can be scrubbed, PVC surface, 1.06x15.6m

Cartoon world wallpaper

Many children have already come into contact with things in the adult world at a young age, which is detrimental to their growth. When they were young, they should be given more exposure to cartoons to keep their children childlike.

The children ’s bedroom is not suitable for choosing dim color or mature dark flower wallpaper too early, and the wallpaper of the boy room and the girl room should also be used separately. Boys choose blue cartoon wallpapers, girls choose pink cartoon wallpapers to meet their childhood dream.

Editor recommends:

1. Flag Airlines Wallpaper MHCB-F: Super long natural plant fiber material, non-polluting water-based ink, no chemical additives, 0.81kg / roll, 10x0.53m

2. Paper still aesthetic wallpaper wallpaper YZ49502: non-woven fabric surface, no backing paper, using environmentally friendly multi-color printing process, elegant pearlescent shading, natural plant extract material, 10x0.53m

Editor's comment: Children need a growth environment full of innocence. First of all, starting from the home furnishing, using bright colors, embellishment of natural elements and cartoon images to make the children's bedroom more playful and cute, so that the child has a comfortable, healthy and cheerful Growing environment.

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