The ultimate strategy of "war pox" at the end of the year

The work at the end of the year is busy, like fighting, which is a source of tension and pressure. But there is no way to suppress the growth of acne. Here are a few small points to relieve your worries.

Deep cleansing and cleaning, especially for the nose, forehead and chin, etc., because the secretion of oil in these places is more vigorous than other parts of the face. If not thoroughly cleaned, it will breed acne together with sweat and bacteria.

Wash your hair frequently. Do not think that the number of shampooing is reduced when sweating is less. If the hair in the bangs is not kept clean and often in close contact with the forehead, it will be detrimental to the normal breathing of the forehead skin.

Moisturizing moderately. In order to prevent the skin from drying out, a large amount of moisturizing cream on the face becomes a compulsory homework for the beauty every day. It is not known that cosmetic products with better moisturizing effect contain higher levels of oil and fat, and are also prone to blockage of pores. The sensible way is to take a toner after washing your face, then take a soy-sized moisturizer and rub it evenly on your face.

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