[The simple way of freedom] The flagship store of the model furniture is built in the dragon

The creation of classics comes from continuous advancement, and the achievement of the brand is not a historical necessity. Inheritance, innovation, development, precipitation... Model furniture manufacturing to strengthen the belief, continue the international brand legend, from the civilized Asia to the European and American, from the royal exclusive to the valuable collection, from the global five-star hotel luxury suite designated, to the folk High-grade home furnishing... The model furniture will publicize an exemplary home lifestyle, persistently inherit and spread the concept of healthy and fashionable life, and always infect the public with humanized care.楷模家具http://km.cnjiaju.com/share

On November 1st, Shanghai Jianfu Longyimo Furniture Flagship Store debuted. The opening of the model furniture store in Shanghai will bring better products and diversified choices for Shanghai residents' home shopping. The model furniture has always adhered to the principle of low-key, rigorous, practical and sincere work, and all the company's concerns have been returned to the products. We are committed to high-quality furniture with hard quality, beautiful design and innovative new ideas. Under the guidance of the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Xu Guofang, “Sincerely Serving People, Dedicated Service”, we are committed to providing high-quality, super-five-star services to Shanghai consumers.

The opening of Shanghai's model furniture flagship store not only marks Shanghai as an international home fashion experience, but also brings more fashion life concepts and a better home experience to consumers of model furniture.
The Shanghai model furniture flagship store includes the “model”, “Dapu”, “Latte”, “Mold 100”, “cradle”, “Vatican”, “Heisiluo” and “Spirit” 10 series of brands such as "Sha" (home textiles, cabinets, wardrobes).

Shanghai Jianfu Longxiaomo Furniture Flagship Store has continued the design concept of “Freedom, Simple Method” of the model furniture. With new materials and new technologies, the concept of environmental protection and green is vividly displayed. The whole store layout is simple and fashionable, warm and bright. The extraordinary design, coupled with professional and super five-star service, can be said to be the new benchmark for Shanghai home art.
Walking into the B building of Jianlonglong International Home Furnishing Hall, you can deeply feel the flagship store of the model furniture. The main color of the coffee that is close to life and symbolic of fashion is full of modern life, and it also breaks the traditional product in the product display. The spatial structure, patchwork, and versatile mix and match are refreshing. Even the details such as decorations and decorations reflect the delicate sense of life everywhere. The energy that can't help but start from the heart begins to live happily and seek happiness. Health, let the pace of dependence reveal the hidden subtlety, and temper a more realistic life posture.

Whether it is a warm and harmonious overall space, or leading the industry's original design, or the impeccable high-quality products, it immediately became the focus of attention. The model furniture adheres to the international standardization and professional creation style, refines the essence of the East and West home culture, and integrates the international fashion trend concept. Finally, it is this insistence that makes the model furniture have the first-class products of art and function.
The model furniture integrates beauty and life, and the mind is condensed and looked at. Model COOMO, the glory of furniture design experts, is destined to lead the popular "model" boom.

Spider Fitting

Spider fitting normally use for glass curtain wall. JIANGYI has specialized in door hinges since 2000. We have many kinds of spider fitting, such as one arm, two arms, three arms, four arms, 180 degree, 90 degree and so on. All of them are in High quality and inexpensive. Furthermore, we can produce it according to your new style.


1. Material: SUS304, SUS316

2. Finish: Mirror / Matt

3. Suitable for glass thickness: 12-25MM

4. Application: glass curtain wall

5. Must be tempered glass

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