The right medicine 3 types of dark circles cover a small trick

When it comes to concealer, you can't help but mention dark circles. Nowadays, dark circles are almost the basic equipment of urban girls, and they are also the most hated public enemies of girls. The formation of dark circles is not overnight, and it needs to be "long years" to eliminate. Be patient. However, in this festival, it is true that there is a lot of enthusiasm, and I am eager to come back beautifully. Of course, there are also quick ways to slow down and cover. Today, love brings 3 kinds of dark circles to cover the small secret tricks, the right medicine, and immediately become more beautiful.

The right medicine 3 types of dark circles cover a small trick

First, the circulation type of dark circles:

The blood circulation is poor, causing a large area of ​​skin around the eyes to sink. This type of dark circles are brown, and if you want to cover them perfectly, you must first correct your skin tone. We usually use orange concealer to neutralize the brown eye circles, and then cover the second time with a color close to the original skin color, so that the dark circles that are covered up will not appear abrupt. Similar to the principle of brushing paint, it neutralizes the dark color with a hot color, and it is natural to cover it with a light color.

Step1: Apply a moisturizing orange concealer evenly to the dark circles.

Step2: Spread the concealer close to the skin color or lighter than the skin tone evenly on the back of the hand.

Step3: Put the concealer evenly on the dark circles to tap.

Step4: Dip the powder with a brush, gently tap it at the concealer and gently brush it.

The right medicine 3 types of dark circles cover a small trick

Second, tear groove type dark circles:

Appearing in the lower part of the eye, usually caused by the aging of the eye skin, people with extremely sensitive eyes and blind habits also easily have this problem. Back to the end is aging, relaxation, causing the phenomenon of skin cascading, avoid using dry concealer to cover, otherwise it will easily produce serious toner, it is recommended to use liquid moist type orange concealer as concealer.

Step1: Mix the lotion and concealer first. Since the concealer is sometimes relatively dry, the lotion is adjusted to improve the moisture retention of the concealer.

Step2: Evenly spread the concealer evenly in the dark circles, then gently tap with your fingers to make the concealer more suitable for the skin.

Step3: Apply the moisturizing eye powder to the concealer range gently.

Step4: Brighten the bright powder in the eyes and eyes.

The right medicine 3 types of dark circles cover a small trick

Third, eye bags type dark circles:

The eye bag type dark circles are concentrated on the lower edge of the eye bag. When the fat in your eye bags accumulates to a certain extent, it is pressed to the blood vessels to circulate, so that the skin under the eye bags is dull, which belongs to the dark circles of the eye bags.

Step1: First use a liquid concealer to brighten the underside of the eye bag (be careful not to apply it to the eye bags).

Step2: Take a concealer under the eye bags, first press down and tap, then gently press up and tap.

Step3: Pick up the powder with a brush and gently brush it under the eye bags.

Step4: Use pearlescent or brightening special powder to brighten the underside of the bags under the eyes.

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