The development history of Kyushu space analysis infrared thermometer

Infrared temperature measurement technology plays an important role in the production process, in product quality control and monitoring, equipment online fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy conservation. In the past 20 years, the non-contact infrared thermometer has been rapidly developed in technology, its performance has been continuously improved, its functions have been continuously enhanced, its variety has been increasing, its scope of application has been continuously expanded, and its market share has increased year by year. Compared with the contact temperature measurement method, infrared temperature measurement has the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use and long service life. Non-contact infrared thermometers include portable, in-line and scanning three series, and are available in a variety of options and computer software, each with various models and specifications. In various types of thermometers of different specifications, it is very important for the user to correctly select the infrared thermometer model.

Infrared detection technology is the key promotion project of national scientific and technological achievements in the "Ninth Five-Year Plan". Infrared detection is an online monitoring (non-blackout) high-tech detection technology that combines photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology and image processing technology to receive objects. The infrared ray (infrared radiation) is emitted, and its thermal image is displayed on the fluorescent screen, thereby accurately determining the temperature distribution of the surface of the object, and has the advantages of accuracy, real-time, and rapidity. Any object, due to the movement of its own molecules, constantly radiates infrared heat energy, thereby forming a certain temperature field on the surface of the object, commonly known as "thermal image." Infrared diagnostic technology is to absorb the infrared radiation energy, measure the temperature and temperature field distribution of the device surface, and thus determine the heating condition of the device. At present, there are many test equipments that use infrared diagnostic technology, such as infrared thermometers, infrared thermal televisions, infrared cameras, and so on. Devices such as infrared thermal TVs and infrared cameras use thermal imaging technology to convert such invisible "thermal images" into visible light images, which makes the test results intuitive and sensitive, and can detect the subtle thermal state changes of the equipment and accurately reflect them. The internal and external heat of the device has high reliability and is very effective for discovering hidden dangers of equipment.

Infrared diagnostic technology makes reliable predictions on early fault defects and insulation performance of electrical equipment, and enables preventive test maintenance of traditional electrical equipment (preventive testing is the introduction of the former Soviet Union standard in the 1950s) to predict state maintenance, which is also modern power The direction of enterprise development. Especially nowadays, the development of large units and ultra-high voltages has brought about higher and higher requirements for the reliable operation of power systems and the stability of the power grid. With the continuous development and maturity of modern science and technology, the use of infrared state monitoring and diagnostic technology has the characteristics of long-distance, no contact, no sampling, no disintegration, accurate, fast and intuitive, and online monitoring and diagnosis of electrical equipment in real time. Most faults (almost cover the detection of various faults in all electrical equipment). It has received much attention from the domestic and international power industry (an advanced state overhaul system widely used in the late 1970s) and has been rapidly developed. The application of infrared detection technology is of great significance to improve the reliability and effectiveness of electrical equipment, improve operational economic benefits, and reduce maintenance costs. It is a good means that is generally popularized in the field of predictive maintenance, and it can make the maintenance level and the health level of equipment to a higher level.

Infrared imaging detection technology can be used for non-contact detection of running equipment, shooting the distribution of temperature field, measuring the temperature value of any part, and thus diagnosing various external and internal faults, with real-time, telemetry, intuitive and quantitative The advantages of temperature measurement, etc., are very convenient and effective for detecting operating equipment and live equipment of power plants, substations and transmission lines.

The method of detecting an in-line electrical device using a thermal imager is an infrared temperature recording method. Infrared temperature recording is a new technology used in the industry for non-destructive testing, testing equipment performance and mastering its operating status. Compared with the traditional temperature measurement methods (such as thermocouples, wax sheets with different melting points, etc. placed on the surface or inside the object), the thermal imager can detect the temperature of the hot spot in real time, quantitatively and online within a certain distance. It can also draw the temperature gradient thermal image of the equipment during operation, and it has high sensitivity and is free from electromagnetic field interference, which is convenient for on-site use. It can detect thermal faults in electrical equipment at a high resolution of 0.05 °C over a wide range of -20 ° C to 2000 ° C, revealing such as wire joints or clamp heat, as well as local hot spots in electrical equipment.

Infrared diagnostic technology for live equipment is an emerging discipline. It is a comprehensive technology that utilizes the heating effect of charged equipment to obtain infrared radiation information from the surface of the equipment using special equipment to determine the condition and defect properties of the equipment.


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