The 2nd Shanghai International Housewares, Gifts and Gifts Creative Design Exhibition

Exhibition Date: August 30th - September 1st, 2012

Exhibition location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

Organizer: Beijing Reed Huaqun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

China Shanghai International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition is a leading gift industry exhibition organized by Beijing Reed Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd. (a joint venture between Reed Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Qunxue Exhibition). With the development of China's national economy and the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, the Chinese gift industry has ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. The Yangtze River Delta region with Shanghai as the center is the central development area of ​​the Chinese economy. The gift market in this region contains huge business opportunities and unlimited development prospects.

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The Yangtze Delta is the largest region for China's opening up to the outside world. The region has a strong industrial base, developed commodity economy, and convenient water and land transportation. It is the country's largest foreign trade export base. China has the fastest economic development rate and the largest economic output. An area of ​​development potential.

After the "Yangtze River Delta" became a microcosm of China's economic globalization after its entry into the WTO, a large number of foreign companies existed. The degree of internationalization of the economy in the “Yangtze River Delta” region has been greatly enhanced. The entire “Yangtze River Delta” is becoming a “world factory”, and the products manufactured in China are constantly coming from here to the world. 80% of the world's top 500 companies have settled in the Yangtze River Delta region, of which more than 200 are invested in Shanghai and 81 are in Suzhou. In such a development environment, the development of the gift market in Shanghai and East China has also ushered in an excellent opportunity to further accelerate. Reed Huaqu Group Gifts Exhibition will be located in Shanghai, which will provide gift providers and buyers with a platform to lock up the Huadong gift market. It will also serve the local gift home market in a targeted manner, deepen local industry resources and create more for exhibitors. For direct business opportunities.

Reed Exhibitions' resource advantages:

   1. Introduce European home fashion elements and share the data resources of Reed Exhibitions PSI Exhibition.

2. Sharing Reed Exhibition Asia-Pacific World Real Estate Market - Asia Hong Kong "International Real Estate Investment Fair" buyer data, real estate related real estate data resources.

3. Sharing Reed Exhibition Shanghai 100% Design Exhibition Data Resources. High-end products. Home improvement designer resources.

4. Reed Huaqu Group's huge inventory of home furnishing dealers, agents and retailers. Help you to target your audience and develop trade cooperation.

5. Special buyers, requesting professional buyers from the IKEA, B&Q, Diversified House, Real Home, Jane Eyre Home, Red Star Macalline, No. 8 Bridge, Tianzifang, Scissors and Stone Street, etc. .

6. The 1000-member group in the Yangtze River Delta region will provide free shuttle bus to high-quality dealers, agents and gift companies to visit the exhibition.

7. Specially invited more than 100 multinational companies, large state-owned enterprise procurement leaders to visit and discuss cooperation.

8. Bring together branded products, highlight new ideas, and discuss cooperation.

9. Introduce fashionable home elements to create a high-end home gift sourcing platform.

10. Reed Huaqun and Reed Huabo have the most complete data in the Chinese gift industry. At the same time, they fully share the data resources of many exhibitions of Reed Exhibitions and engage in quality and accurate buyer data to improve the quality of the exhibition.

11. The venue of the exhibition, the Expo Theme Pavilion has excellent exhibition hardware facilities and is an excellent venue for exhibitions.

12. Foreign pavilions will be stationed in Shanghai to showcase with the top gift companies in China, leading the trend of gifts and creating international business opportunities.

Exhibit category:

High-end business gift brand electronic products crafts, boutique gifts, promotional items commemorative collectibles

Home Decor Products Household Commodities Toys & Baby Pregnancy Products Travel & Outdoor Products

Exhibited products:

   Creative home accessories crystal ceramic glass floral candle aromatherapy table decorations

Home furnishings furniture home decoration creative lighting decorative painting wall decoration garden art rattan iron crafts soft decorations

Home textile fabric curtains bedding

Whiteboard and Bulletin Board Fittings

White Board Magnets,Colorful White Board Magnets,Different Size White Board Magnets,Cork Board Used Push Pins