Thai mixed-race makeup is super exotic

Thai mixed-race makeup is super exotic
Chinese people have a natural outline. If you want a deep sense of facial features and create a feeling of mixed-race, you need to rely on makeup techniques. Today, this makeup will be a little mature, suitable for people with a certain makeup foundation. I will present a Thai mixed-blood makeup painting for everyone.
Is the three-dimensionally modified face makeup very sweet and pleasing? The liquid foundation with a misty makeup creates a uniform silky foundation, and the blushing and eye-painting outlines a mixed-blood beauty! A makeup is perfect for any hairstyle.
Base makeup method:
Apply a super-concealing liquid foundation to the cheeks. The MM with acne marks also needs to use a concealer pen to focus on the darker areas. It is best to apply a layer of lard before applying makeup. When the bottom is made to make the pores invisible, the foundation can be more docile.
Eyebrow makeup steps:
Step 1: Use a small brush to apply a small amount of eyebrow gel and draw the outline of the eyebrows.
Step 2: Continue to fill the blank space at the end of the eyebrow with the eyebrow brush, and fill the brow gently.
The third step: re-collect the eyebrow glue, fill the outline of the eyebrows, the pen should be light, and brush a few times.
Step 4: Use a bright colored pencil or a concealer pen to frame the eyebrows and do a good job of concealing.
Step 5: Combing the eyebrows with a spiral brush.
Step 6: Draw the most natural eyebrow color with eyebrow dye.
Eye makeup steps: eye makeup
Three-dimensional makeup and eye makeup must be indispensable for brown, first use light pearl brown to make a base in the eye socket, then use a pearly gray eye shadow to render a layer on the folds of the double eyelids, then use the fingertips to naturally transition the two colors, and finally in the eye Apply white to the head to achieve an open-eye effect and apply a gray to enhance the three-dimensional feel at the end of the lower eye.
The first step: use the lightest color of the eye shadow to make a base, and deepen the end of the eye with a darker color.
The second step: use the dark eye shadow to repeatedly outline in the eye socket, draw the eye socket of the mixed person.
The third step: draw the inner eyeliner, and then use the wine red eyeliner pen to draw the outer eyeliner. The end of the eye is lengthened and the eye is stretched out. The curvature is probably the extension of the lower corner of the eye.
Step 4: Brush the long, thick mascara.
Step 5: Wear a thick, false eyelash.
Step 6: Finally, lower the eyeliner and use the eyeliner to gently outline the shadow.
Eyeliner depiction + false eyelash paste
Use a black eyeliner to draw an eyeliner against the root of the eyelashes and pull it slightly at the end of the eye. Then put a long thin eyelash on the upper eyelashes, and cut the eyelashes into a strain on the lower eyelashes to make the eye makeup natural and beautiful!
Blush to create:
Finally, use a bean-colored blush to render on the apple muscles. The color of the bean paste with a little candle effect can make your face look smart!
Lip makeup:
Applying a deep red lipstick to the lip makeup, you're done.

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