Sticking body mattress selection method

Since ancient times, there have been health care laws for sleeping hard beds. However, the mattresses on the market today are getting softer and softer. This makes people feel difficult. Is it a hard bed or a soft bed?
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The softness and hardness of the bed vary from person to person. The soft bed is comfortable, gives a sense of security, sleeps hard, but the body is easy to fall when lying down, and it is relatively difficult to get up, especially for the elderly who have loose bones. The soft bed can not relax the spine, but the ligament and intervertebral space around the spine are overloaded, so it is not suitable for patients with osteoarthrosis such as lumbar disc herniation. 80% of patients with lumbar disc herniation can be relieved after receiving treatment and resting on a hard bed. The hard bed prevents the spine from bending and helps correct the "incorrect" spine during the day, making it ideal for teenagers with a hunchback tendency. But for ordinary people, a bed that is too hard will cause oppression to the human body, resulting in many turns, making it impossible for people to get enough rest. Therefore, people who are overworked and have sleep disorders and have high requirements for sleep quality are not suitable for sleeping on hard beds.

A good bed should be moderately soft and hard, with sufficient supporting force, good air permeability, and safe and environmentally friendly materials. In general, the thickness of the spring mattress is 10 cm, which is just enough to adapt to the curve of the human body, maintaining the integrity of the spine and the normal physiological curvature. Be sure to lie down and try when you buy a mattress. Lie on the bed and flip back and forth. When lying down, stretch your hand to the three bends between the neck, waist, hips and thighs to see if there are any gaps; when turning over to one side, test the body curve and bed in the same way. There are no gaps between the pads. If there are no gaps, the spine can remain in a straight line when lying on the side, which means that the natural fit of the mattress with the neck, back, waist, hips and legs can provide sufficient support. However, the fit of the body curve should be based on the premise of not sinking and rebounding quickly. The spring should not be less than 288, and the thickness of the mat should be at least 6 cm.

In addition, the length of the mattress should be the height of the individual plus 20 cm, which is the most appropriate size, in addition to the reserved space for pillows and hands and feet, it can also reduce the pressure of sleep. Every 3 to 4 months, the mattress should be adjusted or turned over to make the mat surface evenly stressed and prolong the service life.

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