Southern Beauty Winter Skin Care Tips

The southern climate is humid. For the girls in the south, the way to maintain the skin is different from that in the north. How do we care for the southern girl in winter ? Let's take a look.

Southern girl skin dry performance:
1. Southern girl mostly foreign oil dry think there is enough oil, like the partial water-based skin care products, long-term air-conditioned environment, there is no maintenance oils, then the water can easily be evaporated, the results of the maintenance of the more dry.

2. Do not like to use moisturizing products, light and thin emulsion is ok
After the skin is dry inside the oil, after the lotion, remember to gently apply a layer of lotion or a refreshing cream, a thin layer, and moderately add oil to the skin.

Prevention 1. Intensive maintenance with a flaky mask Although the cream mask has the highest depth of hydration, it is more suitable for the southern girl. It is thought that the creamy mask contains oil, which is relatively thick and rich in nutrients, which is easy to bear the burden on the skin of southern girls.

Prevention 2. Massage helps deep moisturizing Massage is closely linked to dry care. By heating the skin temperature, it accelerates facial blood circulation and increases skin's absorption of subsequent skin care products.

Prevention 3. Add a moisturizing beauty lotion. It is recommended to use the beauty liquid. It is squeezed in the palm of your hand. After rubbing it with your palm, apply it to the face and apply it to the skin for full and deep moisturization.

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