Solid wood furniture fraud is a must to buy

The expensive "solid wood" furniture that Mr. spent more than 30,000 yuan was actually made of paper shell and foaming agent; Ms. Jiao accidentally knocked out the appearance of the furniture and found that the so-called solid wood furniture bought last year was actually "resin mold." Casting "furniture... These fraudulent phenomena are staggering, and the shady "solid wood furniture 70% fake" in the furniture industry is even more irritating.

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Only if the bed is made of solid wood, it is called a "solid wood" bed.

Solid wood furniture refers to all natural wood that has not been reworked, and does not use any wood-based panels. Is there really so much solid wood furniture on the market? Are the furniture with the "solid wood" label actually made of solid wood?

In a furniture store in the city center, the reporter saw a double bed with a price of 8,900 yuan, marked with solid wood. The reporter asked what kind of solid wood, the sales staff said it was oak, and repeatedly said that it is definitely solid wood. However, when the reporter repeatedly confirmed whether the whole bed was made of oak, the salesperson had to reveal the truth: "Only the bed is made of oak." And said that it is impossible to buy the whole price of less than 10,000 yuan. Solid wood double bed.

Redwood, American oak, ash, and nanmu... The reporter traveled throughout the furniture store and found that the materials used for the furniture marked with solid wood had a wide variety of items, and the price was higher than the furniture marked with veneer veneer. However, under the continuous questioning of reporters, these merchants all admitted that the furniture sold was only part of the solid wood. Sales people admit that the average consumer will not ask so carefully, and they will not say that their furniture is all solid wood, so that even if consumers question afterwards, they have no fault.

However, the reporter interviewed randomly found that most consumers think that all the furniture marked "solid wood" should be made of solid wood. Some of the more attentive consumers will consciously move the furniture, try the weight of the furniture, and think that the weight should be real wood, in fact, this is not reliable. According to industry insiders, the current furniture manufacturing technology is very advanced. Non-solid wood furniture can be made more gorgeous than real solid wood furniture, and the weight is very heavy.

Marked "solid wood", the price can be up to 5 times the purchase price

In the same furniture store, the reporter found that some merchants detailed the product name, number, size, grade, origin, material and other information, and some only marked the price and origin. In the use of materials, the labels of each family are also very different, many simply labeled "solid wood". At present, the state has not yet imposed mandatory regulations on furniture products, and the phenomenon that manufacturers and distributors are marked by sex is everywhere.

Although the price tags are different, each merchant is consistently keen on discounts. A set of sofas with a price tag of 10,000 yuan will be sold at a discount of 6.5 percent to the salesperson just after the inquiry. After some bargaining, the discount can be lower.

"There is also a low profit." This is the information disclosed by the industry, and the mystery lies in solid wood and non-solid wood. It turns out that the use of a variety of wood in a piece of furniture is very common. In the case of an ordinary wardrobe, the materials of the panel and the back panel are different. The side panels and the bottom panel often do not use the same material. It is normal for a wardrobe to use six or seven kinds of wood.

The unspoken rule in the industry is that as long as the solid wood material exceeds 30%, it can be sold under the signboard of “solid wood” furniture. Actually, only some of the main materials are solid wood, and the auxiliary materials are some plates that have been veneered to make imitation wood. However, the furniture marked as "solid wood" and actually only partially solid wood can be sold for up to five times the cost.

Take a set of furniture with a price of 10,000 yuan as an example. The purchase price is generally only about 2,000 yuan. Even if the original price is 50% off, it can be sold for 5,000 yuan. If you encounter a buyer who will bargain, the price will be reduced to 40%. You can earn a lot of money.

“The furniture that is only partially solid wood is sold as furniture of all solid wood. This is still a manufacturer and merchant with 'conscience'.” Mr. Pan, who has been engaged in furniture sales for more than 20 years, broke the news. According to him, there are some small workshops that use moulded materials to make inferior furniture with resin materials and then sell them in the name of solid wood furniture, which costs only 20% of solid wood furniture. If you use materials such as lower foaming agents, the cost is lower.

Selling fake goods can't stand the test of time. Three to five years is enough to make the inferior furniture "exposed", but by that time, the shop that originally sold furniture may have long been easy to change, so the general furniture store stores are very mobile. Big, around 30%.

Destructive testing makes it difficult for consumers to defend their rights

In organizations such as the Consumer Rights Protection Association, furniture complaints are not rare. However, when the public heard that the inspection of furniture required destructive sampling such as drilling holes in furniture, and they had to pay for themselves, they finally lost. After all, a set of furniture is worth a lot of money, and ordinary people can't afford it. Moreover, the existing quality inspection technology can only detect whether the furniture is solid wood or plate or other materials, and can not detect which kind of wood.

I don’t want to take a look at it and know if the furniture is solid wood. Some experts in the industry have taught such a trick: find an inconspicuous corner on the back or bottom of the furniture, gently drill a small hole with a drill, and see it out. Is it wood chips?

However, in order to avoid future troubles, consumers should be cautious before buying. If the merchant claims to be solid wood furniture, try to get proof of it, which is the key evidence for future rights protection. Once you decide to purchase, it is best to let the merchant fill out the materials for each part of the furniture. If the merchant is obstructed for various reasons, and is unwilling to provide bills and write materials, consumers are advised not to buy it.

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