Seagate 1T hard drive system cannot run data recovery

Media information: Seagate hard drive, capacity 1TB, model: ST1000DM003

Customer Name: Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Fault description:

The client computer system cannot run. After the recovery is completed, the system can run normally. The configuration files in the hard disk cannot be lost.

Data recovery process:

The engineer detects the customer's hard disk and determines that the hard disk is a logical failure.

After that, the engineer connected the hard disk to the professional data recovery device, and the hard disk was mirrored and cloned. After more than ten hours, the data recovery was completed.

Data recovery results: 100% success in data recovery

Advice to customers:

Regularly use the hard disk to back up important data regularly, sometimes the data is suddenly lost without precautions. When the hard disk is damaged, do not try to power on repeatedly, so as to avoid the scratch of the hard disk. You should find a professional data recovery company to do data recovery in the first time, so as to avoid the loss of permanent data loss. Darth data recovery, specializing in high-hard disk, raid server data recovery, Beijing data recovery professional brand.

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