Safety inspection Beibei two furniture factory was seized

Beibei Town started the first shot of counterfeiting and safe production of furniture products, and recently sealed two furniture factories with many problems.

The Beibei Branch of the Shunde District Market Safety Supervision Bureau recently cooperated with the public security and fire departments to inspect the furniture factory in Malong Village, Beijiao Town, and found that two of the production workshops were flying with sawdust, paint smell, materials piled up, and workers produced. Poor security awareness, there are major security risks. The law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with the suspected illegal furniture factory and demanded that they immediately stop production, and sealed 4 sets of production equipment, 3,724 boxes of furniture products and accessories.

Beilong Town Malong Industrial Zone is located on the edge of Foshan, bordering Lecong Town. Many companies set up factories here to produce furniture, but they are unable to apply for business licenses due to site problems, resulting in series of problems such as production safety, environmental pollution, and product quality.

The Beibei Branch of the Shunde District Market Safety Supervision Bureau, based on the deployment of the “three strikes and two constructions” work at the higher level, focused on the renovation of the furniture industry, and formulated the “Northern China Town Furniture Industry Anti-Counterfeiting and Safety Production Remediation Plan” with the goal of comprehensively cleaning up the furniture. The main body of production and operation, standardize business operations, and severely investigate and deal with illegal activities such as fake and fake sales, trademark infringement, and potential safety hazards in the furniture industry.

PP plastic, also known as polypropylene plastic, is another fine resin varieties, following the development of nylon, which is a semi-crystalline materials, the advantage is obvious, with excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, with a high not hydrophilic sex, almost non-absorbent. The disadvantage is poor low temperature impact resistance, easier to aging. However, for comparison PE plastic having a higher melting point.

PE plastic is polyethylene plastic, its corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are very strong. Rigid hardness and strength are relatively high, and the same PP plastic, it also very small water absorption.

Polycarbonate (referred PC) is a polymer molecular chain containing a carbonate group, an ester group according to the structure can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic - aromatic and other types. Which due to the aliphatic and aliphatic - aromatic polycarbonate lower mechanical properties, thereby limiting its application in engineering terms. Currently, only the aromatic polycarbonate obtained industrial production. Due to the special nature of the polycarbonate structure, it has now become the top five fastest growing engineering plastics in general engineering plastics.

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