Reasons and exclusions of ink bars in the printing process of optical discs

The ink in the horizontal stripe of the print layout is significantly darker than the ink in other areas. The reason for the generation of the ink and the elimination method is as follows:

1, the brake bar caused by the ink bar

When the contact pressure between the rubber roller and the brake bar is too large, then during the operation of the machine, when the ink roller and the brake bar come into contact with each other, impact wear occurs. In this regard, the contact pressure between the rubber roller and the printing plate should be adjusted to maintain uniformity. With moderate contact conditions and elimination of excessive resistance, ink bars can be eliminated. When the brake shoe wears badly, replace the front end with a section of about 40 mm.

2, the roller caused by the roller factor

When the contact pressure between the rubber roller and the printing plate is too large, when the ink roller contacts with the printing plate during the operation of the machine, it is easy to generate shock and cause tremor, so that the increase of the frictional force causes a streaky streak. If several stencil-type ink fountain rollers are under too much pressure, the density of the bar marks will be greater. In this regard, by adjusting the contact pressure between the rubber roller and the printing plate to maintain uniform and moderate contact conditions, eliminating the excess resistance, the ink bar can be better eliminated.

3, roller gear wear, gear clearance is too large or there is foreign matter accumulation between gears

When the roller gear wears, gaps or adhesion of foreign matter in the teeth, during the operation of the machine, the roller gears can not be meshed with each other accurately, so that the line speed between the rollers is not consistent enough. In addition, the backlash is too large, the drum is also prone to tremor jitter, the formation of print marks, so that the printed layout of the track and the gear pitch similar to the ink marks. There is a foreign body obstacle in the backlash, and it is easy to cause the drum to tremble due to the "top gear" phenomenon, so that the horizontal layout of the print product forms a strip-like ink stick. In this regard, the distance between the rollers should be reduced by re-adjusting the center-to-center distance between the rollers; new gears should be replaced for those gears that are worn out badly; the adhesion of foreign materials to the teeth should be cleaned before the effect of eliminating ink bars can be achieved.

4, the roller bearing wear

When the roller shaft head lacks oil running or the machine wears naturally for a long time, the gap between the roller shaft head and the bearing is increased, and the cooperation is poor, and the ink mark is caused by the tremor when the pressure is combined. In this regard, it is advisable to make trapezoidal traps in the inner liner of the rubber in order to reduce the impact during the imprinting state and reduce the degree of ink bar marks. In addition, serious wear on the roller bearings should be considered to take repair or replace the new bearing replacement to eliminate the traces of ink marks.

5, plate roller or rubber roller lining too large

If these two conditions exist, stripe ink marks will be caused due to the inconsistency of their surface line speeds, and at the same time, the rollers will suffer shock vibration when they are imprinted. Therefore, when the two rollers vibrate, they will easily cause friction and cause ink marks. In addition, there are cases where the ink stick is easily caused by the pad of the pad being too large due to insignificant imprinting of the mouthpiece (light pressure). In this regard, the thickness of the lining should be accurately adjusted, and the ink layer should be uniformly transferred with the minimum printing pressure so as to maintain the consistency of the line speed between the rollers as a precondition. When adding a piece of paper to the mouth part of the mouth, use a gradually heating pad method, and do not add a pad at once, so as not to produce traces of ink marks.

6, Blanket (rubber) loose

Rolling friction tends to occur, so stripe marks appear. Therefore, measures should be taken to tighten the tension in time to prevent the production of printing ink bars.

7. When the self-adhesive Blanket is replaced, the old primer is not removed and the partial pressure inconsistency results in traces of ink marks.

For screen printing, I recommend the use of 165-27YPW mesh for four-color printing for my colleagues in the CD printing industry. Its greatest advantage is that the color will be deeper. (Printing disk surface, full color will look better, and Chinese people are I like the bright colors. Because there are a lot of proofs that are ink-jet printed, I understand that this type of mesh is used less often in the industry, usually with 31-line diameters. The method is to increase the thickness of the photosensitive layer, change the adjustment on the machine such as soft squeegee, four-color ink color, I think we need to add the theoretical value of online offset printing, conventional 300, 2000 single run 50 enough, such as The color becomes darker, the inking parameter is adjusted less, every hundred sheets are checked once, there are signs of deepening, plus one or two parameters, and then the color of 200 pieces is checked, if it is still, plus, this is its own way, flexible Processing, if the first parameter is adjusted properly, I believe that the color will not have much change, (according to the parameters determined by the size of the printing plate) the ink supply balance is very important, I need experience I do not agree to adjust the ink tank gap, under How can a single Office, do the old single to be transferred back, no horizontal offset printing is the most important in the equipment management and maintenance, offset printing is the most likely problem is the color control, the color changes depending on the specific situation in the following areas: test machine film Running not enough, should be more than 1,000 colors will be more stable, change the cooling temperature of the ink booth, ink supply balance, turntable, pressure, blanket, offset printing is the overall coordination of these aspects, the mechanical properties of the offset press Under good circumstances, it is not recommended to mobilize the machine. The problem is likely to be due to lack of experience in the test machine. The ink supply parameters are not adjusted well. Even after the adjustment is made, some fine adjustments are required at any time according to the color change. (The color change is not In the big case, I have worked in seven factories. In my case, printing a list of 50,000 items is almost impossible to see.

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