Ranking of formaldehyde content in wooden door panels

In modern home decoration, the most concerned issue is environmental protection, and a large part of the environmental protection of home improvement is due to materials. For wooden doors, environmental protection is especially reflected on the plates. Since many factories producing wooden door panels use glue with excessive formaldehyde content at this stage, the formaldehyde content of the plate is too high, which is extremely harmful for home decoration. Then, today Xiaobian is the ranking of the formaldehyde content of different types of plates for everyone.

First place: MDF

Also known as fiberboard and particleboard, it is a wood-based panel obtained by bonding together fibers such as wood, bamboo, straw, bagasse and the like with formaldehyde-containing glue. The veneer after the veneer is also called melamine board, solid wood particle board, and granular solid wood board. The amount of formaldehyde glue contained in each cubic meter of MDF is generally 400-500 kg. It is the highest formaldehyde content of all plates.

Second place: multi-layer fir finger joint board <br> Other multi-layer solid wood finger joint board that uses formaldehyde glue. The fir is softwood and cannot be deep degreased and steamed. The formaldehyde-free glue cannot be used on the fir fingerboard. Generally, the multi-layered fir finger joint plate is three layers, and two layers of the three layers must be coated with a large amount of formaldehyde glue, and the glue content is not less than the blockboard. However, since the "finger joints" of the finger joints of the fir are exposed to the air, formaldehyde is more volatile than the "blockboard". Relative to blockboard, the formaldehyde content is higher, it is more volatile, and the natural environmental protection is worse than the blockboard.

Third place: Blockboard

Also known as the large core board, the small wooden blocks are spliced ​​together in the form of extrusion with a glue containing formaldehyde, and then the artificial board of the surface of the two veneers is attached to the top and bottom. Blockboard can not be used alone, it must be equipped with a veneer. In this case, there are seven layers inside and outside, that is to say, the middle six layers are coated with formaldehyde glue, and the formaldehyde content can be imagined.

Fourth place: veneer

Also known as veneer, the veneer or paper is coated with formaldehyde glue on a thin-density board or a particle board to decorate the surface of the furniture. The veneer is made of a “three plywood + 30 wire veneer” and cannot be used alone. It can only be used on the blockboard, splint and fir fingerboard.

Fifth place: solid wood finger joint board using formaldehyde-free glue

The same is the use of solid wood board as the raw material of the finger joint board, but the glue used in the production process is formaldehyde-free, there is no threat of excessive formaldehyde, it is the most ideal health and environmental protection wood board, can be used in any occasion, is Solid wood wooden door substrate with solid wood dosage of 95~98%.

Here, Xiaobian also reminds everyone. Family health is more important than anything. Don't try to buy cheap products when you are cheap. Try to choose wooden doors that are produced by big companies and big brands.

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