Plastipak's new hot filling bottle production line has been put into production

Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Plastipak Holdings, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has successfully promoted its innovative ThermoShape(TM) lightweight hot-fill technology. This month, the first complete ThermoShape(TM) integrated high-speed blowing and filling and packaging line was put into commercial operation at the Al Ain Mineral Water Company, a beverage subsidiary of the Agthia Group based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Agthia is a leading Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regional food and beverage manufacturer. The second ThermoShape(TM) production line is expected to enter commercial operations in a beverage manufacturer in France by the end of 2010.

Jean-Guy Delage, Director of Technology Integration at Plastipak, said: “The ThermoShape(TM) technology is a global non-frozen, high-acid beverage and food segment (including 100% fruit and vegetable juices and juices, non-carbonated soft drinks, instant teas) , flavored water, functional beverages, etc. offer several major advantages over alternative packaging options.” He elaborated as follows:

Hot filling is a recognized technology with low risk and requires less capital investment than aseptic filling. In addition, this technology can also avoid the use of preservatives that will quickly be abandoned by consumers around the world.

-- Lightweight bottles: The ThermoShape(TM) enables food and beverage manufacturers to use existing hot fill lines, but can realize the benefit of shifting to lighter, unbreakable PET packaging - the first batch of Al Ain ThermoShape(TM) filling bottles will be more than 30% lighter than similarly sized PET hot filling bottles.

-- Freedom of Design: Because ThermoShape(TM) technology eliminates the need for vacuum plates and other vacuum resistance required for traditional PET hot-fill processes, manufacturers are free to design attractive, eye-catching packages.

-- Load endurance: Filling bottles produced using the ThermoShape(TM) process have a slight positive inward pressure to provide good vertical load endurance for packaging and distribution.

- Longer shelf life and no distortion: Plastipak's patented ThermoShaper (TM) bottle can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time due to the lack of standard oxygen in the headspace and the absence of moisture throughout the PET bottle wall. In 12 months, it will not be deformed.

Al Ain will first produce filling bottles weighing 25 grams, a capacity of 500 milliliters and a bottle diameter of 38 millimeters for juice packaging. The flexibility of the production line will allow the subsequent expansion of the production of bottled bottles with a bottle diameter of 250 mm and a capacity of 1 liter. Fasahat Beg, general manager of Al Ain Water, commented: “This investment will allow us to enter value-added beverage segments such as sports drinks and juices, and use PET materials that are at least 30% less than the existing hot filling lines on the market. This means that we can realize cost and energy savings for the company and further demonstrate our corporate social responsibility to reduce environmental impact." Agias CEO Ilias Assimakopoulos further commented: "Al Ain Water's first-class new ThermoShape(TM) The investment in technology will enable Agthia to achieve further development, in keeping with its product diversification strategy. In addition, this investment further confirms our continued commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products to our customers.”

The line is designed, manufactured and installed by Plastipak and has a globally patented in-line bottle thermoplastic technology (after hot filling of the filling bottle). Delage added: "With its innovative design, the ThermoShape(TM) system can be easily installed in a small shop, allowing existing glass or plastic hot-filling lines to be seamlessly converted into ThermoShape(TM) systems." Plastipak Or obtain a license from the partner to provide specially designed filling bottles (or preforms) and all other necessary packaging design and manufacturing consulting services to provide manufacturers with a truly comprehensive "sensitive" beverage and food segmentation industry. solution.

Next, Plastipak will present the system at the Emballage 2010 (Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition 2010) in Paris from November 22nd to 25th.

Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Plastipak Holdings, Inc., is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality rigid plastic containers for the food, beverage and consumer goods industries. Plastipak operates more than 20 factories in the United States, South America and Europe, and employs more than 4,000 employees. The company’s customers include some of the world’s most highly-regarded brands of consumer products. Plastipak is also a leading innovator in the packaging industry with more than 300 patents for advanced packaging designs and manufacturing processes. In addition, Plastipak also authorizes a wide range of packaging technologies worldwide, including the innovative ThermoShape(TM) technology for the lightweight packaging and reshaping of blow-molded plastic containers. The company was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan.

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