Pangang Research Institute develops new titanium white products for ink

On January 21, it was learned from the Pangang Research Institute of Ansteel Group that the industrial trial of new titanium dioxide special products for ink was recently completed and succeeded. The trial produced 148 tons of new titanium dioxide special products for ink, and the product quality reached the expected target.

Pangang has been developing titanium dioxide products for inks since 2012. After three years of hard work, Pangang finally overcame a number of key technologies for developing titanium dioxide products for inks, and laboratory samples reached the level of imported similar products TR52. On this basis, Pangang carried out engineering application tests, and the indicators of the product's paint film dispersibility, gloss, hiding power, and whiteness all reached a good level.

It is understood that with the continuous development of the ink industry technology, the thickness of the paint film for printing inks, especially surface printing inks, is becoming thinner and thinner, and the requirements for atmospheric aging resistance are also increasing. Prior to this, there was no special titanium white product available for surface printing inks in China.


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