Orange whitening natural skin care products

Rich in vitamin C, it has anti-aging and skin sensitivity. For sensitive skin that is slightly shiny and easily irritated by external substances, it is especially suitable for skin care products containing orange essence. Related: Orange Whitening Naturally, it is a natural skin beauty product. It has the functions of regenerating, moisturizing, anti-aging and reconciling free radicals, and it can effectively replenish eye water.

● Orange

The orange flesh is rich in vitamin C, with freckles prevention effect for bath can promote blood circulation and prevent moisture loss, to play for a long time the effect of moisture, dead skin and orange peel more grinding. Its aroma is more relieved and invigorating.

★ Orange Scrub ★ 1 orange, 1 bag


1. Slice the orange into a cloth bag and place it in warm water for bathing.

2. Rub the orange meat and orange peel directly on the rough parts such as the elbows, knees and eyes, and remove the dead skin.

Rice wine and orange-flavored lotion rich in vitamin C not only moisturizes, but also effectively improves skin tone (skinning secret, 4 kinds of crushing tricks).

★ Orange moisturizing lotion ★ 1 orange, Japanese rice wine 360 ​​ml


1. Place the sliced ​​orange in the rice wine, seal the bottle with plastic wrap, and place it for one night.

2, the next day with a filter to put a night of orange wine filtered, it is a magical lotion.

The raisins are rich in vitamins C and E, providing antioxidant protection to the skin, effectively fighting free radicals and reducing the skin's attack on the external environment. In addition to rich in vitamin C, A, E, potassium, magnesium, and cellulose, kiwifruit also contains other nutrients such as amino acids and natural inositol, which are rare in other fruits. It can effectively repair damaged skin and keep it smooth.

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