New national standard or intensify the reshuffle of children's furniture market

Since August 1, 2012, China’s first mandatory standard for children’s furniture, the General Technical Regulations for Children’s Furniture, has been implemented. The new national standard emphasizes the environmental protection of children’s furniture and requires the detection of migratory elements such as antimony, arsenic and selenium. The appearance of the material has also been subdivided, which means that the children's furniture in our country will no longer apply the standard of adult furniture. How do the major supermarkets and merchants respond to the new national standard? Will the new furniture in the store increase prices? Recently, the reporter visited various supermarkets and industry insiders.

Furniture sales that do not meet the new national standard

About a week before the introduction of the new national standard for children's furniture, the reporter visited some furniture stores in the Fourth Ring and found that there are still a few brands doing promotional activities. The salesperson of a brand introduced that the new national standard was introduced in August, and a number of new products were being updated in the store. Recently, the brand's discounts have been very strong and have been processed almost. The reporter found that the remaining pieces of special furniture that have not been sold out are mostly furniture with rich color patterns, which does not meet the requirements of paints for products in the new national standard.

Parents are especially cautious in purchasing children's furniture.

The reporter immediately interviewed several parents who are buying children's furniture. They all said that furniture is a living thing, safety and environmental protection is very important, and the high price is acceptable.

Ms. Cheng, who has a 2-year-old daughter, said that she is usually a grandparent belt. Although the old man is careful but the legs and legs are unfavorable, the child loves to move. The furniture is specially selected without sharp corners and the handle has special treatment. Although I don’t know much about the new national standard, the selection is still from the perspective of safety and environmental protection, and the price is second.

Mr. Liu, who is buying a children's bed, told reporters that in order to buy children's furniture, it has been running for a month, and the children should be cautious. I specially chose the new national standard for children's furniture. Mr. Liu said: "Before the children of friends had been involved in the furniture link, the new national standard for children's furniture was introduced, and we raised our hands in favor."

Big brands actively promote the impact of small businesses

In the past, there was no uniform standard in the industry, which caused some small enterprises to have irregularities in raw material selection, product quality, design and workmanship for a long time, which brought many safety hazards to consumers. From the perspective of the industry, the lack of uniform industry standards, resulting in chaotic competition in the market, reducing prices while reducing product quality, has caused a lot of impact on some large companies with excellent product quality. A home planning manager Cheng Genhai said that the new national standard will give some products with not too good quality, and the brand has no big changes and measures before the new national standard is introduced, because the products are produced strictly according to the standard. The aspect is also dominated by white and pure wood, and the larger the action should be the more colored furniture. Chen Xiaotai, general manager of Baiqiang International Home, said that "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" is a national standard. The Top 100 will actively respond to this standard and communicate this information and knowledge to consumers so that consumers can make it while shopping. The right choice. Therefore, after the implementation of the national standard, we will make publicity and popularization. At the same time, Mr. Chen stressed that the new national standard puts higher demands on the top 100 children's furniture, but does not raise the price. Yin Yuxin, deputy general manager of Beijing Oriental Home Furnishing Plaza, believes that the introduction of the new national standard has made a breakdown of the market, standardized the competition of the industry, and urged the industry to embark on a virtuous cycle.

Interpretation of children's furniture safety details

The General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture is divided into nine parts. In the "Architectural Safety", the product should not be dangerously sharp and sharp, and the edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered.

There is curvature in the corners: sharp edges and corners on the furniture can easily cause damage to children, so making a curvature at the corners of children's furniture or replacing the rectangular furniture with a circle will reduce unnecessary damage.

When purchasing children's furniture, you need to pay attention to the furniture's plates and paints. This can be seen from the furniture inspection report. The paint contains lead and benzene, and the furniture with simple colors is safer and safer because it uses less paint. Experts remind that children and young people have weak resistance. If they live in a harmful environment for a long time, they will have an adverse impact on their growth.

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