Monkey Year wants to have a second child, you need to pay attention to these home feng shui

It is the first and foremost thing in every family to have children, and the birth of a child is also related to Feng Shui. Generally speaking, the feng shui of the child-rearing from the human whole and a pair of men and women, the male or the female has its own internal factors. To put it bluntly, the environment of the people's residence will affect the feng shui. But what aspects are related to Feng Shui?
First, the bedroom fish tank, mirror should not be too much:
There is no fish tank in the bedroom, the fish tank will cause moisture, the bedroom is too cloudy and too humid, it is easy to cause yin and yang to be uncoordinated and difficult to conceive, the bedroom can not be placed too much mirror, the mirror is suffocating, which affects pregnancy, and can also lead to the man's exhaustion.
Second, there should be no gods, arcades, and garages downstairs:
There can be no gods, arcades and garages downstairs in the bedroom, otherwise it is difficult to conceive. In this case, the relevant mascots are also needed to resolve.
Third, not in the toilet or kitchen:
The upstairs of the bedroom bed is the feng shui of the toilet or kitchen, which can also make couples difficult to conceive. This situation cannot be changed. According to the adjustment of Feng Shui, use the relevant Feng Shui mascot to resolve.
Fourth, the bedroom can not have two doors:
There can only be one external door in the bedroom. If there are two external doors, it will make the couple difficult to conceive. If this happens, you can use the relevant Feng Shui mascot to resolve.
Fifth, the bedside of the bedroom should not be placed in metal or electrical products:
Do not put metal or electrical products near the head of the bed, such as telephones, radios, etc., these items are easy to interfere with the normal magnetic field and normal work and rest, which makes couples difficult to conceive.
Sixth, the gate must have a threshold:
In ancient times, in addition to the gates of the gates, there were also porches in the bedroom. The bedroom has a threshold for retaining the tires in Feng Shui. However, in society, only the gates have gates. The remedy can be used to arrange carpets in the master bedroom. According to the analysis of numerology, choose the right one, so you can also retain the fetal gas.
Seven, the bedroom must see the sun:
The bedroom should have sunshine, the sun will make the room bright, live in a bright room, and the mood will be smooth, it can also be yin and yang, which helps to breed.
Eight, the bed head to the angry side:
When the husband and wife are sleeping, they must face the angry side of the male master. According to the analysis of the genus and numerology, it is helpful to choose the right angry party.
9. The bed should be stable:
The bed in the bedroom should be kept stable and the baby should stay. Do not sleep on the floor or fold the bed, water bed, etc., and the bed can not be stuffed with too much debris.
Ten, the bed should choose the day:
Chinese customs are generally good days to choose the day, such as bed, marriage, engagement 3 days, choose a good day to bed in the bedroom, and other long-term infertility can also choose a day from the yellow calendar.

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