Make perfect nose makeup tips

Are you satisfied with your nose ? Is it full of Asian characteristics? It’s collapsed and short, don’t worry, all problems are solved. Let's take a look.

1, overcome the troubles of short nose

High-light can be used to create the ideal nose shape.

2, overcome the troubles of the big nose

The use of dark-finished enamel on both sides of the nostrils makes the nostrils look smaller and the nose looks longer.

3, overcome the troubles of the round nose

Located on the nose, the meat looks thicker and rounder, slightly weakening the thick feeling, and can create the ideal nose shape.

The magic of make-up is the change in color! Using color to make the proportion of the face perfect, this is the essence of make-up. In today's many women's familiarity with eye makeup, we have specially selected the makeup techniques of nose, lip and face to share with you. As long as you master the modification of these three parts, you can obviously change the impression. You can complete the dream of beauty without spending or moving the knife! Let us now take a look at how to use make-up to create the perfect contour of plastic surgery!

4, overcome the troubles of collapsed nose

Draw a small amount of light brown powder next to the eye, and use the shadow to emphasize the height of the nose, you can simply modify the nose problem.

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