Little girls create a clean and pure natural home

Going to the brilliance of the present, smoothing the ups and downs of the waves, only the elegant and casual style, into the uncontested dwelling. Quiet and pure beauty, feel the natural comfort of the home, this is a pure little home to bring real feelings.

The space in one room and one hall is not big, but it is a clean and pure natural home. Let's take a look.

The living room and sofa area are the key points. In the principle of comfort, a group of three-seat sofas and two armchairs are combined to outline the main leisure space.

The photo wall of the living room is different in size and in order, showing a unique personality. It is a bright spot.

The floor cabinet of the garbage kept the room clean and tidy.

The small side cabinet has a storage function.

Still living room, take the pillow, feel the warmth of life in the beige.

The panoramic view of the restaurant, the rattan dining chair is very suitable for summer, and the thick cushions can be put in winter.

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