Kitchen appliance range hood purchase skills

Range hoods are commonly used by families, basically every family has, but there are all kinds of range hoods, how to choose? Let's talk about the method below.

The kitchen has always been a fume-heavy place. In Chinese households, problems such as cooking habits, small spaces and common flues have resulted in a kitchen environment that is raging. The eating habits are deeply rooted and the kitchen environment cannot be changed. If the kitchen problem is referred to the range hood Solve, no doubt put forward higher requirements for product performance.

Fashionable and powerful suction cooker hood selection guide

The harm of kitchen fume is far more serious than imagined. In the kitchen where the fume is raging for a long time, it will not only accelerate skin aging, but also induce respiratory diseases and double the probability of cancer. Oil fumes adhere to the surface of furniture and curtains, increasing the difficulty of cleaning.

If the above-mentioned fume raging also exists in your home, then the purchase of range hoods must be put on the agenda. During May 1st, product prices are more transparent, which is the peak period for home appliance purchases. If the budget is high, you can choose to locate high-end brands such as Fangtai, Boss, and Siemens. Of course, if you advocate economic benefits, you can also choose well-known domestic brands such as Wanhe and Haier. Before recommending products, the author must first share oil absorption for everyone The purchase points of the smoke machine.

physical dimension

European-style range hoods are beautiful, including direct type, side suction type, etc. The fashionable and gorgeous appearance is the common advantage of the product. They must also be selected according to the kitchen decoration style and installation size. The current mainstream range hood width is 750mm There are two types: 850mm, you need to measure the width of the installation position before purchasing, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

patented technology

Secondly, regardless of whether it is a domestic brand or a joint venture brand, high-end range hood products must have their own unique patented technology, large suction is the basis, special design of oil nets, or innovation in smoke guiding principles, etc., also for better Smoking fume can also find its unique place in different products.

special function

A trusted range hood should also have features such as self-cleaning, strong suction is one aspect, automatic cleaning can relieve many annoyances for housewives. However, the range hood with self-cleaning function is usually positioned at the high end, and families with small budgets have to do their best.

Choose low noise. When buying a range hood, you must personally listen to the movement and see if its noise is consistent with what is stated in the manual.

Choose a good fume extraction effect. The most important thing for the range hood is the effect of smoking the range hood. Although it is not convenient to try it on the spot, you can consult the person who bought the range hood and ask them what kind of range hood.

Choose the ones that are easy to clean. Try to choose a range hood with smooth shape, no dead corners and no oil accumulation, and observe the design of the range hood separation.

Look at the warranty period of the range hood. It is easy to cause problems when the hood is used for a long time. Therefore, you must ask carefully about the warranty period of the hood when you buy it. Try to choose a longer warranty period.

Choose the best brand. Brand hard means that quality, after-sales service, etc. are good, so in addition to considering the above factors, we must also try to select inside the brand hood.

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