Japanese sweet girl new trick brown eye shadow new game

A single eye shadow color matching can no longer satisfy the extraordinary desires of the beautiful people. Therefore, Xiaobian has racked his brains to come up with three kinds of brown-brown eye makeup that will make you crushed by the crushers, so that you can easily capture the most dazzling eyes of this spring.

Color Girl Fantasia Joker Brown Eye Makeup

Brown eye shadow mix and match new gameplay

The re-wet rainy season is no longer able to withstand the fascinating charm of the latest spring pop makeup. Today, PClady is dedicated to fresh spring makeup, teaching you to play a variety of colors with brown eyeshadow, whether it is soft and mysterious red brown, or the khaki brown of intellectual charm, or the pink and brown combination of sweet goddess half. You are no longer ordinary in this spring, and it’s as simple as eye makeup!

Soft reddish brown attraction

Soft reddish brown attraction

Reddish-brown, used on the eyelids to give a slight blood color, revealing warm eyes. Specially used here is a high-quality brown eye shadow with a thin moon-like transparency in this season. With the gradient of color depth and the color of the appearance, the warmth and luster of the eyes are radiated, which makes women become natural and charming.

Instead of monotonously using a monochromatic eye shadow for makeup, choose a superposition of different color levels. Light pink and pearly yellow eyeshadow make the eyes softer, and the closeness instantly overflows. At the same time, put in a special and sexy reddish brown to match, giving people a feminine but mixed with a sense of fashion and cuteness.

How To Make - up

How To Make-up

1 Use the pale pink of the A tray to smudge half of the eye socket and the lower eyelid.

2 Use b reddish brown to spread to the corner of the eye at 1/2 of the upper eyelid. Under the eyelids, eye shadows are drawn close to the eyelid lines.

3 Dip c pearl yellow from the eyebrows to the direction of the eye socket extended a large range of blooming.

4 At the upper eyelid 1/2, start to use the B brown eyeliner to open the eyeliner to the corner of the eye. Note that there is only a little touch on the corner of the eye, not too heavy.

5 Apply C brown mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

Deep eyes that stand on the brow bone

Deep eyes that stand on the brow bone

The mediocre khaki falls on the skin of Asians and does not seem to reveal its beautiful colors. Sometimes the eyes tend to be flat and lack a sense of three-dimensionality. However, it is not difficult to create a three-dimensional effect by using excessive light and dark techniques. The khaki features can create deep eyes like the dark brown.

In the eye socket and the lower eye, use the complexion eyeshadow to mix the beige color, use the egg yolk pearl color around the eyebrows to brighten the eyebrows, and the three-dimensional sense will appear immediately. In the upper inner eyelids, dark brown eyeshadows add a sense of shadow, and the eye sockets are deeper and more foreign.

How To Make - up


1 In the A palette, take a beige smudged full eye socket.

2 cling to the upper eyelids using b-card dark brown eyeshadow according to its linear outline.

3 In the tears of the lower eye, use a c-champagne beige.

4 Use f, e, d to mix the eyeshadow, sweep under the eyebrows and under the eyes.

5 Use the B-brown eyeliner to outline the inner eyeliner.

6 upper and lower eye brush on C mascara, do not deliberately long, should pay attention to even distribution, do not ignore the corner of the eye.

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