How to choose the whole wardrobe sheet?

Whole wardrobe plate is the main constituent materials, which directly determines the level of product quality. The wardrobe panels on the market mainly use wood-based panels, which are divided into splints, particle boards and fiberboards. Among them, fiberboard has high density, medium density and low density. So, how to buy the whole wardrobe sheet ?

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First, look at the sheet of the wardrobe is a high-density board or a particle board. The method of judging is that the fine fibers inside the high-density board are tightly combined, and the density is large and heavy. The high-density board can withstand large pressure and has a long service life; while the fine particle structure of the particle board is not tight enough, it is lighter in the hand, the bearing capacity is small, and the service life is short.

Second, see if the sheet substrate is environmentally friendly. As long as the content of free formaldehyde in the board is ≤9 mg/100 g, which is the E1 environmental standard, it is not harmful to human health. The most direct way is to open the door and open the drawer. If there is a strong irritating smell, it indicates that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard; look at the merchant's material testing certificate to see if it holds the relevant national inspection certificate of the wood-based panel quality testing center.

Third, see if the plate is real material. In order to reduce costs, some small manufacturers currently on the market usually sell dog meat and deceive consumers. The standard cabinet body thickness is 18 mm, and the small manufacturers generally use the particle board as a high-density board to promote the board thickness of 16 mm, but the consumer said 18 mm.

Fourth, the type of plate is not the only standard to determine the quality of the plate. In the market, the plate used in the overall wardrobe is different in terms of price and quality due to materials, manufacturers, thickness, formaldehyde content and other reasons. .

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