How about the characteristics of smokeless stoves

The smoke-free cooktop , as the name implies, is a range hood stove that can realize the kitchen without oil fumes. Accurately speaking, the smoke-free stove is in line with the standard of 99.95% of the fume absorption rate. Healthy kitchen appliances with beautiful effects, easy to clean and other perfect effects.

Smokeless stove is a further upgraded product of integrated stove

The smokeless stove is a collection of functions such as range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, etc., to achieve functional integration and space integration, while not reducing the thermal efficiency of the stove, the effect of oil fume reaches 99.95%.

At present, the common integrated stoves on the market are sinking integrated stoves. Although the effect of oil fume can reach more than 95%, because the air intake is too close to the flame, it will absorb a lot of heat and reduce the thermal efficiency of the gas stove. At the same time, the product structure is unreasonable. The use of kitchen pots and pans is restricted, and the operation is not user-friendly, and food easily falls into the air intake.

The smokeless stove is a further upgraded integrated stove product. Through more advanced aerodynamic design and internal motor upgrades, it does not reduce the thermal efficiency of the gas stove, while retaining the powerful oil smoke effect of the integrated stove. Relatively integrated stoves have the advantages of not limiting the types of pots, more convenient to use, good effect of oil fume extraction, high thermal efficiency, simple cleaning, and stronger safety performance. Smokeless stoves generally adopt the form of side suction, and the suction port keeps a certain distance from the flame. Improve thermal efficiency while avoiding the safety issues caused by inhalation of flames.

Product characteristics of smokeless stoves

(1) Nearly perfect rate of oil fume

Using the new technology of "low-altitude full-smoke", the fume absorption rate reaches 99.95%, which achieves a near-perfect fume extraction rate. The fume and vapor can be obtained before it diffuses without affecting the operation sight and without passing through the human respiratory path Effectively excluded.

(2) Function integration, intelligent control

The range hood, gas stove, disinfection Cabinet, storage cabinet and other functions are organically combined according to the usage mode people are accustomed to. The microcomputer control operation is simple and convenient, and the functions required in the kitchen are perfectly combined.

(3) Space integration, enjoy more free space

The four-in-one adopts the lower row design, which saves the space of the traditional wall-mounted range hood above. The environmentally friendly stove kitchen cabinets are integrated into one and have a high degree of freedom during installation, providing more space and more for the open modern healthy kitchen. select.

(4) Ultra-quiet design

The lower exhaust design eliminates the noise source placed on the human head, and uses ultra-low noise technology and silent air duct design technology to achieve ultra-quiet sound.

(5) Linkage design of smoke stove

The smokeless stove has an induction system. When the gas stove is turned on, the hood will also automatically turn on and one key is in place; after the flame is turned off, the fan will automatically delay for two minutes to ensure that the kitchen is completely free of oil smoke residues, so that it is extremely clean.

(6) Security protection system

Automatic shut-off of gas source due to accidental flameout, anti-leakage design, automatic disconnection of voltage and current overload, overheat protection of stove body and automatic cut-off protection of leakage, 5 safety protection systems in one, perfect protection for the safety of consumers during use Effect; coupled with the perfect design of the intelligent child lock, it eliminates the trouble of accidentally opening during the operation of the disinfection cabinet; the medium temperature disinfection system fully guarantees the safety of children and other family members.

Relevant information about the smokeless stove is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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