High-priced recycling bottles were investigated on the spot

Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Junan County received a report saying that someone had bought a bottle at a hotel in the county and was loading it. Five minutes later, the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and found that all types of bottles and boxes were filled with a van. The Funan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau quickly attacked on the basis of the report, seized an illegally high price for the purchase of high-grade wine bottles and wine cases, and seized 180 sets of various wine bottles on the spot.

After investigation, the illegal party did not have any business procedures, illegally bought well-known branded wine bottles and packaging from hotels and guesthouses, and then sold them to others for fraud and sought benefits from it. The wine bottle purchase price varies according to the brand price of the wine and the price of wine ranging from 10 to 30 yuan each, but the bottle must be required to be intact without damage, and the bottom of the box should be unsealed, the lid and the anti-counterfeiting mark must not be damaged. Judging from the deduction of the bottle, Maotai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun and other famous wines are among them. There are also some local famous brands. At present, the case is under investigation.

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