European style furniture accessories to buy elegant harmony is the key

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] European style home decoration naturally chooses the European style furniture and decoration to match it, then how much do you know about European style furniture and accessories?

European decoration

European-style furniture has exquisite carvings, smooth and beautiful lines, and a symmetrical aesthetic. It is generally dominated by dark colors and European details on hard wear. European classical style furniture must use the best materials to make the European style elegant and discouraged.

Home culture

European style decoration has complex lines, heavy colors, decorative paintings want to show the charm of European style very well, choose to buy thicker or even grand frame to match European style, whether it is gold or carved It is the elegance of European style.

European decoration

The carpet is the protagonist of the ground in the European style decoration. European-style carpets give you a comfortable foot feel, and the carpets are paired with European-style furniture, and the elegant temperament stands out. The elegant colors and patterns on the carpet allow you to appreciate the elegance and harmony of European style.

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