Enthusiasm to Modern Packaging Industry Power (I)

After 20 years of efforts in the last century, China's modern packaging industry has made considerable progress. In 2001, the total output value of the national packaging industry reached 237.6 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 28 times from 1982. There are more than 30,000 packaging enterprises in townships and towns across the country. The scale, quantity, variety and quality of packaging production have all been greatly improved. It shows that China has become a big packaging country in the world.
However, we must also soberly realize that a packaging power does not in itself equal a packaging power. It is only a preliminary development. Our ultimate goal is to reach the modern packaging industry power. In terms of our current actual level, we still need many further efforts.
First, establish a world-class, highly modern packaging management system. The main thing is to have a modern packaging system management mechanism that is highly adaptable to the development of the times and a highly modern management method. At present, China still has a big gap in this area. The problems of small-scale, decentralized and poorly managed packaging enterprises are still very serious, and they are not suitable for the needs of market economy development. We must increase our efforts and change as soon as possible. The “joint reorganization” conducted by China National Packaging Corporation and China National Packaging Import & Export Corporation, two national state-owned enterprises announced in July this year, is a major measure taken by China to strengthen this aspect of construction. It will inevitably drive the national packaging enterprises, increase and accelerate the pace of "intensive integration, joint development", to the "professional, refined, special, new" direction of the healthy development of the packaging industry to speed up the pace of management modernization.
Second, establish a world-leading, strong modern packaging industry. That is to say, it possesses a certain number and considerable scale, a world-leading level of all kinds of modern packaging raw materials and high-tech packaging machinery equipment development and research centers and production bases. Moreover, it is able to closely follow the market situation and the needs of the company's production development. Each year, new products with internationally advanced levels and high-tech content are put into the market. Has the level of leadership of the market trend.
The gap in our country in this respect is also very clear. At present, China still has most of the high-tech modern packaging raw materials and complete sets of packaging machinery and equipment dependent on imports. Such as high-grade functional paper, plastic, metal (especially alloy metal sheet) materials; high-speed, automatic, high-precision complete sets of modern packaging materials production equipment and packaging processing equipment. Some of them are mostly, some of which require imported products or introduced technology. If this phenomenon does not change as quickly as possible and it reaches self-reliance, it is itself a weak performance. If this continues, it will never be and it will not become a packaging power. In the excellent situation of China's accession to the WTO and further reforms and opening up, we have both good opportunities for development and more competition and harsh challenges. The opportunity is not lost. We must be clear-headed, seize the opportunity, correctly grasp and make use of “using external forces” and learn from experience to accelerate and speed up the construction of modern packaging industry in China, and strive to reach the “powerful country” level in less than a long time.
Third, have a considerable number and number of higher packaging engineering education institutions and various types of modern packaging and technical personnel training base. To meet the needs of the production companies and research institutes to cultivate the necessary talents.
No one has doubted the role of talented people, especially senior professional and technical talents and management talents. Clear-headed people understand that talent competition will be the focus of competition in the era of knowledge economy. It is precisely for this reason that various industries have already started to find talents and gather talents. The development of modern packaging with high-tech content is bound to become an edge science that includes all modern disciplines and discipline-intensive. Its demand for various types of professional and technical personnel is large, broad and high.
Although China has now become a "bigger country for packaging," due to the late start of the modern packaging industry, it is also an emerging industry. This type of professional education and training is also a new thing, the lack of ordinary professionals, and higher professional and technical personnel. Although efforts have been made for some 20 years at the end of the last century, there has been some development, but it is still not enough. Many problems are still being explored. Therefore, we must intensify our efforts to formulate a talent education and training that can better meet the needs of birth control pills as soon as possible. New measures. Based on the current status of China's modern packaging industry, I believe that the focus of the training of senior professional technicians and management personnel in the packaging industry can be "binary," that is, a part of colleges and universities to carry out special training, and another part of the enterprise as the mainstay, engaged in the development of technological innovation projects Practice training. This may be more urgent and practical to solve the urgent needs of enterprises. At the same time, however, we must step up the construction of packaging education and training bases.
It is understood that the world’s modern packaging industry powers now have a group of dedicated professionals who are well-trained, well-trained, and with world-class expertise in the development of modern packaging products, materials and related technical equipment with high technology content. Although these people do not necessarily gather in one unit, they can undertake and complete the research topics of unified requirements and arrangements. In fact, this is exactly the question of how to attach importance to talents, use talents, and create a good environment and atmosphere for talents that can give full play to their talents. This is worthy of attention. (To be continued)

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