Do not choose a wooden house in your home.

If you like to live in a wooden house or a Japanese-style house, when you choose a house, please ask people about what kind of wood the house is made of. Because, in the early years, many homeowners tend to use some ash wood to make building materials in order to save costs or do not know the taboos in the wind and water. This kind of house built of yin wood will be heavier and live longer, and the beam or the roof will be prone to mold or long some inexplicable things. If a house is too yin, the occupants will easily have some trouble and disaster.

What kind of wood is the ash? Phoebe, eucalyptus and chestnut are all wood with negative energy. The house caused by this kind of ash is really not able to live for a long time because of the heavy yin. Therefore, to choose a wooden house, you must choose a house built by Yangmu. The so-called yang wood generally has eucalyptus, pine and fir. Because the wood itself is already yin, if you choose the yin wood, it will be too yin. Before choosing a house, ask if Yangmu is built. It is a must-have feng shui for anyone who wants to live in a wooden house.

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