Da Yang Launches DYSB-4060 Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Shanghai Dayang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screen printing equipment and auxiliary equipment in China. It is also a member of China Screen Printing and Special Printing Image Association. At the 13th Shanghai International Printing and Packaging Paper Exhibition on November 22, 2005, Dayang exhibited the DYSB-4060 semi-automatic precision Screen Printing Machine.

DYSB-4060 semi-automatic precision screen Printing Machine is a high-precision, sheet-fed flat screen printing machine, its printing range is mainly applied to the electronic industry film printing, the substrate thickness of 0 ~ 100mm range of materials. The main purpose is to print flexible circuit boards, thin film panels, thick film circuits, membrane switches, LCDs, ELs, and precision printing. DYSB-4060 semi-automatic precision screen printing machine workbench for aluminum alloy material, lightweight and beautiful, the front and back of the table can be moved back and forth, easy to load and discharge and on the version.

As one of the most well-known screen equipment manufacturers in China, Shanghai Dayang Company, with the extensive application of screen printing in various fields, strives for excellence and continuously improves product quality while adhering to research and development, and daring to pioneer and innovate. The advanced screen printing equipment of the same kind is suitable for the different needs of various industries such as packaging and decoration, advertising art production, glass, flower paper and electronic printed circuit board printing, and various types of table cards. The company assembled a group of senior engineers and technical elites who researched and developed screen printing equipment. At the same time, it has a professional team of first-class and experienced screen printer machinery manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, and pre-sales and after-sales services. The manufacture of testing equipment and a complete scientific management system, all major key components of the product are from Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and Taiwan and other internationally renowned brands, the main features of the product: quality and variety.

Dayang’s sales this year are around 60 million, and it is increasing at a rate of 25% every year. Many products are now exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa, and other regions of the world. The annual export accounts for 40% of the total sales. about. The company is constantly striving and striving for the enterprise tenet and enterprise spirit of “beyond to surpass and always be the first”.

Source of information: pack.cn

This machine is added manually-operated, electric-driven milling cutter for book spine, it can mill grooves in the book spine and the firmness of binding is greatly improved. It can achieve the level of big printing factories. It has temperature -controlling device, and temperature can be adjusted for different types of melt glue under various temperature conditions, such as all the seasons and different areas. The binding quality is largely improved and more kinds of adhesives can be applied. With the unique hardcover groove-pressing plank, the machine can make hardcover books. It can bind a soft cover book or hardcover book. The hot groove pressing device can press grooves as a groove pressing machine does.

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