Create a beautiful party make-up at the end of the year

Create a beautiful party makeup, focusing on highlighting the eyes. Of course, the most important thing before this is to lay the bottom powder. In order to make the makeup more delicate, it is best to do some skin care and moisturizing work, which will make the skin more attractive. Come and find out what you should dress up this spring.

Charming eyes

Optional attractive shadow purple and pink, with a small brush around the eyes uneven skin tone uniformly modified, and in particular in the large eye eyelid and eye shadow powder shiny skin nearly flutter in the eyelid. Make eye shadow makeup, increase the party atmosphere, and then use pink and purple eyeshadow from the inside to the outside of the eye. When applying eye shadow, use the medium eye shadow brush along the root of the eyelashes, evenly smudge up, to emphasize "tangible and boundless" The principle of brushing two eyeshadows into natural jelly colors, these two distinct transition colors will add a three-dimensional effect to your eye contours.


When brushing mascara , try to keep the lashes clear. In order to make the lashes thicker and more radiant, you can repeat the mascara several times, but pay attention to the lashes and then brush them. It's also a good idea to stick a pair of fake eyelashes that you like, and then use mascara to blend the real eyelashes with the false eyelashes. At the end of the eye makeup, you can add some purple sequins of the same color at the end of the eye to make your eyes shine and mysterious.

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