Common sports injury treatment | muscle strain


1. Soft tissue injury Such injuries can be divided into open and closed injuries. The former has bruises, stab wounds and cuts; the latter has contusions and muscle strains.

a. Scratch: Injury caused by falling or skin abrasion caused by the device during exercise. Skin bleeding or exudation of tissue fluid after abrasion. A small area of ​​abrasion, can be wiped with red syrup; a large area of ​​abrasion, first washed with saline, then apply red syrup, and then covered with sterile gauze.

b. Tear: Suddenly subjected to a strong impact during strenuous exercise, causing muscle tears, including open and closed injuries. Common eyebrow tears, heel muscle tears, etc. Mild open wounds can be applied with red syrup; if the rupture is large, hemostasis and suture should be needed. If necessary, tetanus anti-toxic serum should be injected.

c. Muscle strain: Under the action of external force, the muscles are excessively actively contracted or passively elongated, causing muscle strain. Most of this damage is caused by insufficient preparation activities, or uncoordinated movements, or excessive force. After the injury, the light is immediately cold, localized, bandaged, and raised the affected limb, massage can be performed after 24 hours; in severe cases, the muscle is completely torn, then immediately after the pressure, sent to the hospital for surgical treatment.

2. Joint and ligament sprains

a. Acute waist injury. During exercise, the waist is overstressed, the muscle contraction is not coordinated, or the spine movement exceeds the normal physiological range and is injured. For example, the long jump is a long jump, the weight is too strong, and the lower limbs are placed too much after diving. For mild damage, gently press. Severe cases should immediately let the patient sit flat (usually should not be arbitrarily supported), and escorted to the hospital with a stretcher. After treatment, you should sleep on a hard bed or a pillow on the back of the waist. The muscles and ligaments are relaxed and massage can be performed after 24 hours.

b. . Ankle sprain. Usually, the body loses balance due to jumping, and the ankle joint is overturned or everted. The site is not inconsistent or the movement is uncoordinated, and the ankle sprain can also be caused. After the sprain, the wound was swollen, painful, and subcutaneously bleeding. If the pain is severe and you cannot stand or walk, a fracture may occur. Disposal methods such as the above-mentioned finger contusion are basically the same, and should be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment immediately. For general sports injuries, the "RICEC Disposal Method" is generally used.

3. Disposal of heat stroke

a. Move the heatstroke to a cool and ventilated place b. When the body temperature is high, use cold water to wipe and apply cold. c. When lying in a coma, keep it on the side to ensure the airway is unobstructed. d.

4. Treatment of anemia

a Raise the foot b. Loosen the clothes c. Keep warm. d. When you are in a coma, make it sideways.

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