Children's bedroom wardrobe color matching white is the beautiful leader

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Children's room matching is the most headache for parents. Although the children's bedroom is bright and lively. But the two colors don't match together, it will make people look different. White is the main color, so with other colors on the basis of white, try to control the three colors, simple and beautiful.

Children's wardrobe match

Mediterranean style wardrobe renderings: white + blue

The Mediterranean-inspired children's room is decorated in white tones, with the popular top and column styles to match the space style, highlighting the Mediterranean style.

Modern wardrobe design

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Modern combination wardrobe renderings: blue + white

Using the fireworks-themed design, the blue panel is matched with the red tone, and some yellow is used to embellish the overall space atmosphere. The cabinet's collocationist places the chamfered cabinet on the side of the pillar, and the cabinet is assembled and enlarged. Space utilization and storage space.

Digestive System Model

This life-size digestive system model demonstrates the entire digestive system in graphic relief. It features: nose, mouth cavity and pharynx, esophagus, GI
tract, liver with gallbladder, pancreas and spleen. The duodenum, caecum and rectum of the digestive system are opened. The products are made of imported PVC materials, environmental protection paint, computer color matching and artificial color painting. Every product has been strictly controlled before entering the market. All models were taken in kind.

Digestive Model,Human Digestive Model,Digestive System Model,Digestive Anatomy Model

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