Bugatti luxury perfume bottle 24K gold exterior

It seems that Volkswagen Group wants to use its luxury car brands to make a fortune. Following the series of bags and luxury computers launched by Bentley in September, Bugatti is now launching a series of products for those who are currently unable to purchase super products. Luxury Veyron consumer choice.

This collection is from the 2009 Veyron calendar with a value of 90 euros (about 784 yuan) to the perfume worth 2,800 euros (about 24,398 yuan). Although 2800 euros (about 24,398 yuan) can be used as a down payment for an ordinary car, Bugatti's perfume is worth the money.

Its Prestige Edition perfume is made of 3D engraving technology, the appearance of a layer of 24K gold. Although its price is very expensive, it only limited the amount of 400 sets.

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