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This spring is still pink, and the love of Valentine's Day is also indispensable for pink. Inspired by the spring makeup, this pinky Barbie makeup is achieved. In terms of hair style, it is a simple ponytail, refreshing and neat, and it seems to return to the youthful appearance of pure love in those years.

Beauty focus

Beauty focus

The key to clever use of the pink system is to choose the part that focuses on the makeup. Avoid picking pink eyeshadows that are prone to edema in the eye, but focus on the cheeks and lips. The pink lipstick and lip gloss are used to outline the lips, while the cheeks are used in large areas on the cheeks. The depth of the blush color is the key, you can gradually stack it every time. Remember to check if it is too exaggerated under the daily light after finishing the makeup. If it is, you can use the honey powder to cover it.

Beauty items


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