[Bicycle Class]: The type and importance of outdoor glasses

Should I wear glasses while riding? Many people believe that as long as riding enough physical strength. In fact, many outdoor bike enthusiasts have found it necessary to wear glasses on a bicycle. Let's talk about the role of riding glasses.

The riding glasses mainly include bicycle changing glasses, bicycle myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses, and the like. Since the speed changes and the influence of wind speed on the eyes during riding are very important to the eyes, exposure to the wind in the wind for a long time can easily lead to dry eyes, and when it is last opened, it will feel sour and sour, and there will be no stickiness. !

And wearing glasses is not the same, the lens can block most of the wind on our eyes, to a certain extent, reduce the time of eye fatigue. The other is if the sun is too large, direct sunlight damage to the eyes is also quite large , it may easily cause a temporary gap, which may also be why many athletes like to wear sunglasses in the game, too much direct sunlight is also easy to make eyesight fatigue! It is recommended that long-distance riding friends are Can protect eyes properly.

Relevant information:

The role of summer outdoor glasses

The summer sun is very “toxic”, and it often causes people to keep their eyes open. This is an inevitable problem for people who travel and outdoor sports. It is very important to wear outdoor glasses. On the one hand, it can protect your eyes from UV rays. On the other hand, it can also help you maintain a clear vision when doing outdoor sports.

According to outdoor old donkey introduction, the safety goggles worn during sports must be safe, protective, comfortable and beautiful. When purchasing, pay attention to the business to understand several points: outdoor glasses must first be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays Filtration can even reach 100%. In addition, most outdoor glasses use polarized lenses, which can filter stray light. Polarized lenses are very comfortable for visual effects and provide a clearer view. Driving, fishing, and snow-capped mountains are particularly suitable. The material of good outdoor glasses is generally made of magnesium alloy. The texture is soft, colorful and does not fade.

When maintaining outdoor glasses, they should be hand-picked so that the mirror does not touch the tabletop or other sharp objects. When the lens is dirty, the mirror must not be cleaned except in detergent solution. Polarized lenses avoid water and ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarizing effect.

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