Bedroom high concentrated red apple door wardrobe to save 1m2 space

[ Chinese Wardrobe ] When it comes to practical and beautiful wardrobes , it is more than a wardrobe, which saves space and is convenient for daily storage. The design of the door is very varied. Nowadays young people love it, the following The red apple door wardrobe meets the needs of most people's daily storage. The shape is simple and the color is bright. It also adds a lot to your bedroom.

Door wardrobe

overall appearance

Wardrobe design

The white glossy surface is surrounded by aluminum alloy strips, and the wardrobe door is pushed and pulled. The entire wardrobe has simple lines and a simple layout. It is suitable for a simple or rustic bedroom.

Partial design

Wardrobe shopping guide

Wardrobe door: Compared with the ordinary wardrobe, the door wardrobe is easier to open and close, and closes tightly. This cabinet door slides smoothly and is easy to open with a single push.

Door wardrobe

The door is surrounded by aluminum alloy and decorated to match the overall white color. The back of the door is also provided with a non-slip, wear-resistant pad that closes the door when the door is closed, preventing dust from entering.

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