All parts of the leather sofa are fully analyzed!

The leather sofa is a seat made of animal skin, such as pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin and other animal skins, which has been processed by a specific process. Because of the leather made, it is breathable, and it is important that the softness is very good. Therefore, it is used to make a seat, and people sit very comfortable and are not easily dirty. Leather sofas are very popular among people in home life. Today we will look at the composition of the sofa.

First, the main composition of the leather sofa

Sofa composition

1. The frame constitutes the main structure and basic shape of the sofa. The frame materials are mainly wood, steel, wood-based panels and medium-density fiberboard, etc. Currently, medium-density fiberboard is the main material. The framework is primarily designed to meet styling requirements and strength requirements.

2, the texture and color of the fabric determine the taste of the sofa, the current variety of fabrics are dazzling, with the advancement of science and technology, fabric varieties will be more and more abundant.

3. Filling material plays a decisive role in the comfort of the sofa. The traditional fillers are brown silk and spring. Nowadays, foamed plastics, sponges, synthetic materials and the like of various functions are commonly used. The filler should have good elasticity, fatigue resistance and long life. The filling materials and the comfort requirements of different parts of the sofa are different, so the filling materials should be treated differently.

Second, the analysis of leather sofa materials

1, sponge

The sponge is a soft foam composed of polyurethane. In the manufacture of the sofa, it is the main body for creating a sofa. The comfort of the sofa is not necessarily related to the density of the sponge, and is directly related to the sponge design and combination of various parts of the sofa.

Sofa sponge

1 ordinary sponge

This material is made of a poly-amino acid material, mixed with various additives such as a foaming agent, and pressed into a simple mold to heat up a sponge of different shapes.

2 fireproof sponge

In fact, before the foaming of the sponge, the fire retardant is added to the material formula, so that the sponge can generate a fire and smoke when it is on fire, and it plays a flame retarding role. The fireproof sponge is divided into a British resistance sponge and a beautiful resistance sponge.

Other fillers (silk, pearl cotton, down, doll cotton)

3 silk cotton (spray cotton and non-cotton)

On the sponge layer, in order to increase the softness and comfort of the sofa, the silk cotton is generally used, and the cotton is fluffy, easy to cut, and not easily deformed. The thickness is applied according to different styles.

4 pearl cotton

Soft and fluffy, feels smooth, warm and comfortable, strong resilience, good breathability, used to fill the corners of the sofa and the back, making the sofa look fuller and more elastic.

5 down

This is a better material in the sofa, which is warm and comfortable, breathable and comfortable. It can be set according to the different shapes of the human body.

6 doll cotton

The three-dimensional polyester short fibers of different specifications are fully combed to maintain sufficient elasticity, and the ratio of the silicone oil content of the fibers itself is adapted to meet the needs of different products.

2, wood

Sofa wood

1 internal wooden frame structure

The basic frame of the sofa is square, and its base frame and back frame are usually divided into seats. Each seat has a nearly square frame. The four corners of the frame are respectively reinforced by triangular wood, and are combined into different rectangular structures according to the number of seats. There is a piece of wood on the backrest that is retracted to form an angle suitable for the human body.

2 external wooden frame structure

The outer wooden frame is mainly made of solid wood, and the surface should be smooth and smooth. There is no planing and no plaque and no groove. The inverted shovel should be uniform, the four corners and the lines are symmetrical and smooth, and straight and smooth.

Birch: The annual ring is obvious, slightly hard, fine structure, strong mechanical strength, elastic, hygroscopic, dry and easy to crack and warp.

Elm: Hard material, beautiful color, clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft color, smooth; more heavy than most ordinary hardwood, hardness in all wood.

Cyclobalanopsis glauca: hard wood, dense texture and luster; straight texture, fine and uniform structure, medium weight; easy to process, smooth cut surface; good adhesion, dyeing, polishing, nail holding and bending; non-corrosion resistance; medium drying speed It is prone to defects such as warpage, cracking, shrinkage and distortion.

Other wood: In addition to the original wood, the sofa also has LVL, single-panel, MDF, plywood, etc., which are used for the auxiliary structure of the wood frame.

3, the cortex

Sofa leather

At present, domestic sofas are roughly divided into three types: full leather sofas, half leather sofas, and breathable leather sofas. Because the texture of leather is different, there are roughly the following:

1 dyed carpel (capillary visible to the naked eye)

This leather is the most advanced leather in the domestic imported leather. Due to its production in the frigid countries of Europe, the leather is delicate, tough, not cracked and has excellent touch.

2 secondary dyed carpel (capillary visible to the naked eye)

This leather is second only to the dyed carpel, and the origin is the same as the dyed carpel.

3 paint superior sofa

This leather is produced in the tropical region of Australia. When manufacturing leather, it is necessary to add chemical coating on the surface to consolidate the leather and strengthen the toughness, so that the sofa is not easy to crack when sitting, ensuring quality.

4 paint secondary leather

This leather is second only to the leather of the paint, the price is medium, the quality is good, and the manufactured products are cheap and good, and it is the most used leather in China.

5 buffalo leather

This leather is made in Thailand. Due to the hard material and poor softness, the quality of the sofa is slightly worse. The cheap imported leather sofas currently on the market are such products.

6 processing copy leather

This product is the leather tissue left after the cowhide surface is removed. The manufacturer uses the remaining tissue to enhance the replication of the epidermis to produce replicated leather.

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Third, leather knowledge

Leather process

1. Raw materials

The main raw material for leather is the skin of livestock. After the skin is peeled off, the hoof, ears, horns, and other parts of the skin that are not used are cut off and used to make animal glue and glue.

The skin is removed from the flesh, ie the subcutaneous tissue and fat are removed. Freshly peeled meat is transported to the tannery for processing immediately.

Immediately processed, preserved and preserved.

2, processing and manufacturing processes

Manufacturing process


Finishing process

Drying--coating--polishing--grinding--spinning--falling--embossing--special effects

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