200 decoration tips -7

141, the balcony must be tiled! The corner of the balcony should be paved in a circle, and the living balcony should be paved to the same height as the railing. The balcony corner of my house and the balcony of the living balcony are not paved. I have to prepare a bucket of exterior paint and refresh it regularly...

142. Before the hydropower transformation of the wall, the decoration master must provide detailed water and electricity maps.

143. If the wall is to be painted in color, it is necessary to consider the problem of changing the line during the electrical transformation. My home has changed a lot of lines, and the air conditioner socket has been completely changed. But in order to save money, there is no replacement line, but wiring. In this way, the whiteboard must be installed for future maintenance. After the color wall paint was finished, I found out that these whiteboards are glaring and regretful~~~~~

144. This is the lowest level mistake I made. I take it for granted that the width of the 1.5 meter bed is 1.5 meters. I forgot the thickness of the bed. It is also very accurate to leave a lamp socket on the wall behind the bedside table. As a result, there is no way to use the socket.

145. Before starting construction, let the decoration captain analyze how the wall is treated. Do you need to shovel the original powder? Especially the students who are going to outsource the wall project to the paint company. My family is a package to the paint company. After the carpentry is finished, the painter can see that the original wall ash is too bad. It is best to shovel and re-ash. However, since the carpentry has already been done, it is not good to shovel the original ash. Finally, I had to brush a layer of 108 glue on the surface for ash.

146. Adding lines must be re-routed. However, it is possible to branch from the nearest terminal block. It is not allowed to add connector wiring to the original wire.

147, the air conditioning control switch can only be at the power end. It is not allowed to add on the line.

148. When changing the position of the telephone and the network cable, you can draw the original cloth and continue to use it. However, there are many hidden dangers if the construction is not proper. So it is best to change the line from the weak box inside the room.

149. The workload of the measurement circuit transformation is generally measured according to three different wiring methods.
(1) Slotted pipe (measured according to the length of the trunk, if there are multiple pipes in one slot, it is calculated as half of the number of tubes. The other half is counted in the overhead line).
(2) Overhead lines (only the tubes are not slotted), calculated according to the length of the tubes.
(3) Change the line, how much is changed according to how much it is replaced (the replaced line tells the construction team not to throw it).
(4) Weak electricity transformation, calculated according to the first method. The difference is to pay attention to who buys the weak wire. The owner buys the wire price.

150, how to fix the toilet on the ground, use screws? There is also the connection between the base and the pipe. It is better to use the seal between the inside and the outside: the toilet is fixed with expansion screws. The inside of the joint between the base and the pipe is made of a special sealant for the toilet. Cement slurry with white cement + white glue on the outside. When buying a toilet, it is usually equipped with a special sealant.

151, buy materials must first calculate the approximate amount of their own. When I bought the waterway materials, I thought about it anyway. After I finished the waterway map, I used the material to get out. So I trusted the foreman. I found that the water pipe bought 5 meters and the copper head actually used 27 Actually bought 40, there should be 13 remaining, and the actual remaining 7 are short and 6 short. After repeated investigations, the foreman retrieved six copper heads from "other places that were accidentally mixed elsewhere" from other construction sites. The circuit itself calculated the material in advance, and the calculated result was compared with the requirements of the foreman: the wire was changed from 30 meters to 12 meters, and the cable was changed from 20 meters to 13 meters. Others such as insulating tape and plug have great difference. Being corrected by cockroaches...

152. If there is an old water pipe on the ground, it will be damaged when it is removed from the ground. Don't hesitate to lay new ones, don't save, for safety.

153. The recessed storage space on the bathroom wall should not be discarded. It is very beautiful to use the tile. Of course, the Wa Trade Union feels that it is ugly to say "ugly" and "not popular now." Oh, don't be fooled, he wants to be lazy.

154, the tile corners do not use the edge line, it is necessary to tile the 45 degree angle stitching is beautiful, you do not mention the bricklayer, of course, choose the lazy way to do things.

155. When installing aluminum-plastic pipe, it is necessary to supervise the workers to reserve expansion space for the hot water pipe according to the construction standard. In short, the aluminum-plastic pipe is not sealed, and it is better to loosen some.

156. If the bathroom floor is higher than the hall, you can use the door stone transition to solve.

157. If you add a pipe to move the sewer, you should check whether the old sewer is unblocked before the new pipe and the old sewer entrance are docked. At this time, spend money to avoid a lot of troubles in the future.

158, aluminum gussets are not necessary to buy high prices, very cheap aluminum gussets have far surpassed the effect of PVC, and spend more money can not see significantly different effects.

159, buy aluminum gussets, pay special attention to the keel instead of the aluminum gusset itself (the target of the aluminum gusset is too big to be easy to do hands and feet), the keel will often end ghosts.

160, the color of the floor tiles is difficult to find satisfactory, I did not find, but the two dissatisfied colors of the interlaced mosaic and then turn a 45 degree angle can achieve my very satisfactory results. This good idea was actually suggested by the bricklayer.

161. The ground waterproofing agent should be used under supervision. My bricklayer is not directly splashed on the ground according to the requirements. Can it be even? It’s not good to do it yourself, no trouble but no peace of mind.

162. The slope of the bathroom floor should be considered before paving the brick. The slope according to the national standard can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use deodorant floor drain or ultra-thin floor drain, the drainage difficulty will be greatly aggravated. Some people say that the slope is not beautiful, I think it is nonsense. On the contrary, it is very comfortable to have a large slope of water to run quickly.

163, LG white gold point fire board for cabinet doors, the effect is good, but if you want to renovate, you may consider ordering finished door panels. The door made by hand is not exquisite and is for reference only.

164, the famous brand price of the sink market is not cheap, the quality of the brand is mad.

165, the balcony door is best to use the fireproof board unchanged type. The environment of the balcony is rather harsh.

166. When making the bathroom basin cabinet, you should first consider the size of the basin so that it can not be installed in the future.

167. Glass is a very heavy thing. It is best to buy it nearby, or think about transportation methods first.

168, install the door lock should pay attention to the wax on the lock tongue, it is too late to hit the wax. If there is no door suction, take care to prevent the handle from hitting the wall and being damaged.

169, matt paint is more beautiful than the highlights, don't listen to the painter, if the painter said that matt is not good, it must be technically rotten. Similarly, if the painter says that polyester has no polyurethane, it is also a lie to you.

170, insulation tape and raw material belts are not bought in small stores, the quality of large supermarkets is obviously much better, and the weight is sufficient, the price is not expensive.

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