Pangang Research Institute develops new titanium white products for ink

On January 21, it was learned from the Pangang Research Institute of Ansteel Group that the industrial trial of new titanium dioxide special products for ink was recently completed and succeeded. The trial produced 148 tons of new titanium dioxide special products for ink, and the product

Chicken nitric oxide (NO) elisa technology treatment

Chicken nitric oxide (NO) elisa technology treatment of human matrix lysin (ST3) elisa kit hamster matrix metalloproteinase 9 / gelatinase B (MMP-9/Gelatinase B) elisa kit parathyroid hormone elisa technology, rat PTH , elisa step description of mouse norepinephrine (NA) elisa kit 窖 prote

How about the characteristics of smokeless stoves

The smoke-free cooktop , as the name implies, is a range hood stove that can realize the kitchen without oil fumes. Accurately speaking, the smoke-free stove is in line with the standard of 99.95% of the fume absorption rate. Healthy kitchen applia

[seven plus two] HIGHROCK Tianshi special sale 2 fold

The Seven Plus Two Friends Shopping Mall is hosting a special event for the HIGHROCK Skystone. The entire product is priced at 2 fold, including sleeping bags, tents, down jackets, jackets, etc. The activities of Tmall 40% are more affordable. The down jackets are mostly new in the wint

Prothrombin fragment F1+2Elisa kit

Prothrombin fragment F1+2Elisa kit guinea pig calcitonin gene-related peptide qualitative analysis (CGRP) elisa kit sample detection human T lymphocyte type I virus quantitative analysis (HTLV-I) elisa kit instructions mouse elisa kit Lactoferrin/lactoferrin quantitative analysis (LF/LTF) elisa

PU value tester / beer PU value tester

The PU value meter is a special instrument (also known as a PU meter) for detecting the sterilization intensity of a pasteurized beer. The PU value is automatically displayed following the portion of the beer being tested that enters the sterilizer. The recorder is used for display and printing