The low temperature thermostat has the function of a small chiller

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument is more professionally manufactured and affordable. The high-precision cryostat, also known as the high-precision cryostat bath, is a high-precision constant temperature source with its own refrigeration and heating, and has the function of a small chiller. Widely

The history of the development of drying equipment

The history of the development of drying equipment

Natural drying has been far from meeting the needs of people's daily life and production development. Various mechanized drying equipments have been widely used. The drying device, also called a dryer or a dryer, is a device for pe

The small world in the cloakroom brings you exotic flavors

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The design of the cloakroom is different, and the style is also different. Japanese, modern, or European style cloakrooms have different elements and different layouts. Users who like cloakrooms may wish to take a look.

Eight small details to help you buy cosmetics

Nowadays, there are more and more brands and types of skin care cosmetics on the market. Even if you just want to choose a cleansing lotion, there will be hundreds of choices. As consumers sometimes feel that they can't get started. Even if you have nev