The color of the tableware can change the taste of the food.

The size, weight, shape and color of your tableware can affect how the food tastes, a new study suggests.

In the study, participants thought that white yoghurt tasted sweeter than pink yoghurt when eaten from the white, but the opposite is true when using a black spoon.


Honey bottle packaging continues to improve

The sales volume of honey has continued to increase and many food manufacturers have begun to target this market opportunity. With the honey industry gradually standardized, the good prospects of this industry let us manufacturers of honey bottles also saw new

Creative cloakroom highlights make beauty upgrade again

[ Chinese Wardrobe ] It is not only the dream of women, but also the cloakroom to add a touch of fashion to their home. The cloakroom can be made to have a partition effect, or it can be embedded in a wall, or it can be a piece of open space or

Kyushu space explains how to use electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeters are used in a wide range of applications. According to the application, there are large diameter, small and medium diameter, small diameter and small diameter. Among them, large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter is mostly used in water supply and drainage projects. S

Domestic demand analysis of wine bottle packaging

Wine bottles, in addition to traditional export channels, are now facing an increasingly robust domestic wine market, and the domestic market demand is also growing. Wine bottle enterprises, based on grasping the market of foreign trade, have taken the pulse o

Women love white wardrobes, warm and romantic

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] White is a wild color, whether it is clothes or home decoration, white always plays a leading role. The white wardrobe is the current fashion element. Whether it is a white Korean wardro