Transforming oncogenes: genomic DNA transfection

1. Extract genetic DNA (including oncogenes).

2. DNA preparation: Take 50-100 micrograms of donor DNA, add 3M NaCl or sodium acetate to make the final concentration to 0.3M and mix well.

3. Add 2 vol

After the inspection, the furniture can be used without damage.

As the furniture of the severely affected area of ​​formaldehyde, it will realize the overall inspection and bid farewell to the embarrassing situation that the previous inspection was destroyed. The reporter recently learned that this year's two new national standards in

Briefly describe the maintenance and maintenance methods of ice machine

Shanghai Bilang explained the maintenance and maintenance of ice machine.

Ice machine maintenance methods: ice machines are widely used in catering, bars, hotels, nightclubs, hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes and other occasions as well as supermarket food prese